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Stop Misleading voters in State elections through False Branding.

Posted by nishank Banka
February 28, 2017

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The Government of India is a federal government established by the Constitution of India as the constituted governing authority of the union of 29 states and seven union territories of a proclaimed and established parliamentary democratic republic, constitutionally called the Republic of India. Article 1 of the constitution declares that India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States. Part XI of the Indian constitution defines the power distribution between the federal government (the Centre or union) and the states in India. This part is divided between legislative, administrative and executive powers. Both the governments have different powers and different duties to perform. For the commission of central government Loksabha elections are conducted and for state election Vidhansabha elections are conducted.

In loksabha election we elect Member of Parliament from our respective constituency. Party which to able make majority in loksabha with max. no. of MPs, they comes to power. In loksabha elections generally we give more focus on the PM candidate of different political parties that are going to contest election, accordingly we cast vote in favor that party whose we like to have PM through giving our vote to the MP candidate of our respective area. Let’s take the example of 2014 election, BJP had won the election with full majority. And the main reason behind this, is the face of Narendra Modi as PM candidate for India from BJP i.e.,”MODI LAHAR”.

In 2014 election, it was observed that many MPs from BJP with criminal background or not having good reputation in their respective area, even though they were able to win only because of “MODI Lahar”. In Many constituencies, it was found that many MP candidates was able to win their seats only because of this lahar, like in Ujiyarpur(a constituency in Bihar) Nityanand Rai of Hajipur was able to win his seat even though he was totally unknown to locals. Simply “MODI” branding did work in loksabha election. Somehow this branding was also justifiable as MODI was the one who was himself contesting  for PM candidate. So there was not cheating with the public during election.

But again why MODI branding is being continuously used by BJP in every state election. This is totally misleading people with this branding as in reality MODI has not to do anything with state government. He was elected for Centeral  Government and his work is associated with centeral government’s work. Even if BJP is able to win the state election with the face of modi, again then CG has not to do anything with state government functionality. It is the CM, state ministers and MLA who has to do with the state government’s functionality.

The main problem is that BJP or other party is portraying the face of their national leader, whom they have nothing to do with all these. CG can’t do any state government’s functionality. Like to maintain law and order (Police) is duty of state govt., in general CG has not to do anything with states’s law and order. Similarly, for constructing National Highways it’s duty of CG. State has not anything to do with constructions of highways. Both the government have different powers and functions to perfrom and voters also have to understand this fact properly.

For the state elections, Voters have to forget any national leader’s face of any party. They have to focus only on their respective MLA and CM candidate of that party for their state elections. MODI is performing great at center but this doesn’t mean that BJP will also perform great at state level too. People should focus only on their local MLA candidate or CM candidate, If any party is also good at state level then obviously go for it. For example, Good reputation of Father doesn’t ensure  that Son is also good. Judge on the quality of himself not on the quality of father. If CG’s leader ask you to bring their party in state too then they will going to do that development work, then voter should counter question them why they have not  donw  that work yet, you are already in center you should perform that. Please stop this national level branding at state level.

I argue political parties to shouldn’t mislead this innocent voters in state elections with the face of their national leader. Please contest election in fair manner, don’t try to use National Leader Branding. Cast your vote to the parties on their state level agenda. If You find any party or your MLA candidate is best option for development then go for it but don’t cast your candidate on the name of National leader.

This is election, not a war in which you have to win through any means, any weapons. Election is not any corporate war in which political parties can do anything to gain market share. Election should be contest fairly, don’t corporatize it. I request people to cast their vote very carefully as their vote is the tool which is going to decide their future. It’s only you who ultimately gets benefited from the election results, not the political leaders.

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