Stress- Delete This Word From Your Mind First & Score More!!

Posted by mohit0761
February 23, 2017

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Those who have their exams of 10th or 12th board from next month, I urge all of you to delete the word “STRESS OR TENSION OR NERVOUSNESS” from your mind. As, you all have given no. Of exams before ( PRE-BOARD), board exam is little bit easier than that exams, believe me. Whatever you have learned till now you and stored in your memory will definetly works in your favour.

Some pressure relieving tips, I would like to share with all of you :-

1) Follow your usual daily routine like before and set some extra time for studies.

2) If you like listening to music every morning then don’t skip it.

3) If you like studying late night then don’t forget to make tea or coffee for yourself at regular or irregular intervals. Those who don’t like tea or coffee can fill their pockets with chochlates also.

4) More Importantly, include curd in your meal it sharpens your memory.

5) If you’re a sportsman then play too.

6) Don’t hesitate to clear your doubts with your friends.

7) If you are a developing(slow learner) student then contact developed students ( quick learner or students) of your class and convince them to teach you at your place or his/her. Those who teaches others, makes him/herself more knowledgeable.

8) If you have a pet(like dog) in your home then play with them too, because it lessens your pressure and make you active.

9) Eat fruits daily like apple or oranges.

10) Lastly, take 1 glass milk every night.


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