Sustainability: I Was Not Allowed Inside The Metro Station, You Will Be Shocked To Know Why

Posted by GhaatiNagrik
February 23, 2017

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I teach in a municipal school these days. Sustainability forms a major part of the ideas I help students learn from.

Sustainability, for me necessarily means to live in harmony with the nature. Except Mr. Trump, most of us do not claim that global warming and unsustainability is a Chinese hoax. On similar lines, believing that species washing themselves off the seashores across the world is a conspiracy construed by the ocean itself are the ironies of our times.

I have learnt through practice that every macro positive change is a collective of many micro positive initiatives or practices. In my personal life, I have recently started gifting saplings to my near and dear ones on special occasions.

While doing so, recently I faced a very peculiar problem.

I had to board a Mumbai metro to reach my destination. On my arrival at the check-in point there was a sudden hush-hush among the security.

“You cannot enter the station with the plant in your hands.”
The reason given was ‘it is against the rules and public convenience’. Moreover I was told to put the sapling inside a plastic carry bag and cover it ‘properly’.

The Mango Sapling that was being carried

I persisted and shared my reason of why I am carrying the sapling. I also shared why precisely I do not intend to use a plastic carry bag. Carrying a plant in a polythene bag, would be an irony in itself, therefore looking at their stubbornness, I started exploring alternatives of how can I bypass this sham of a rule. Finally I asked if I can carry it in my backpack and after some more convincing they let this green ‘terrorist’ enter the station with its roots in my bag.

While the world is debating over environmental issues, our public spaces and institutions are still sleepy around these issues. At the same time forming mindless rules & regulations and forcing people to follow them all the time.

Consequently, I am certainly going to attend more weddings, gift more saplings and most certainly use more public transport.


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