‘Sex! Sex! Sex! I Wish I Could Scream It Out Loud’

Posted by Revathy in Sex, Society
February 7, 2017
Editor’s note: This story is in response to Youth Ki Awaaz’s topic for this week – #LetsTalkSex to talk about the misconceptions about sex and sexuality we grow up with because of a lack of awareness and education. If you have an experience to share, write to us here.

Sex! Sex! Sex! Oh, that feels so good. I wish I could scream it out loud. Why are we censored from using this word? I don’t get it. I was born in a so-called modern family where relatives claim that they are modern, but lack modernity. I thought that watching MTV was not good for our culture. Guess why? Because it showed videos of songs that had ‘half-naked’ girls dancing in them. I realised lately that it was because of the fact that my parents knew that I would grow up into a girl who would go against their understanding of a ‘well-groomed girl’. What’s wrong with sex? Billions of people have done it and many are doing it! It’s a natural process. Come on! Take a chill pill and teach your kids that you fuck and babies are born. Don’t teach them that marriages lead to babies.

Okay, I get the point. Is it because sex is related to the genitals and people usually have sex while they are naked? We were born naked and came out of a woman’s uterus. A childbirth is only possible after two people have sex. I hope you realise that.

We are in an era where we read about rape every now and then. But, it is neglected because of the very fact that it happens all the time. Forget all these. Rub it out completely. I will, if someone tells me what’s wrong in having sex with proper justification, instead of telling me that it isn’t a part of our culture. “You are a girl and you should be modest. Have some shame, these are not the things you should talk out loud.” Bullshit! What culture are you talking about? The culture where women get married to have sex? The culture where men can fuck around and women are expected to remain virgins. The culture where there is a whole book on how to have pleasurable sex with hundreds of positions illustrated in it?

Sex is a good thing. Terrorism is terrible. But, we are not stopped from using the word ‘terrorism’. Yet, using the word ‘sex’ is a problem. The problem with our society is that we objectify humans in a way that people see sex as a matter of only having pleasure and a thing which is taboo. No, sex is not a taboo. But having sex before marriage or talking about sex is taboo. Especially when a girl talks about it. OMG! They should be put behind bars for doing it.

Masturbation! Doggy! Sixty-nine! Sex! Yes, we are comfortable discussing and doing these things behind closed doors but are hesitant and shameful to talk about them in public. You tell me that there is a thing called privacy and we should talk about sex privately. Sorry, I don’t get you! What privacy are you talking about?

A person should be able to choose whether he wants to have sex or not. Whether to talk about sex or not. But no! You are very much concerned about the morality and culture of our nation, so you would stop them.

Society, I don’t agree with you and I am not sorry for it.


Image Source: Abhishek Singh Bailoo/ Flickr