The Decision Guidebook

Posted by Akuti Ojah
February 9, 2017

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On an average how many decisions have you taken on your own? Given that you are a self-aware, independent, earning, level headed tax paying member of the society living in a functional city, you will probably tell me that you take all your decisions. Fair enough, agreed.

You decide to brush your teeth with the latest Ayurvedic swadeshi toothpaste that promises to wipe out the atrocities of both your cavities and the MNCs

You decide to pray to your inherited God exactly how your parent’s parent’s parent’s did since evolution.

You decide to drive to office the slightly expensive version of the sedan that your neighbour drives.

You decide to read the newspaper and hate/love Modi/Trump.

You decide to love the taste of Starbucks coffee because they have the best coffee in the world according to some survey which you were not part of.

You decide to love Coke and hate Thumbs up because you believe in philanthropy and not chasing a truck full of bottles in the middle of the city when you are thirsty.

You decide to hate a neighbouring country which you have never visited or have even read about much

You decide to get married at 28 and get done with having two kids by 35 so that you can visit Disneyland and have a family picture clicked and frame it in your living room – the signature of a complete family.

You decide to swipe your credit card to buy your wife that diamond because marriages are forever right and a diamond on EMI seals it.

You also decide to follow your heart occasionally by joining a guitar class, buying a mountaineering bike to go to buy vegetables from the nearby thela or probably thinking of leaving your job to start something of your own.

Not only for yourself, you decide for your children too. You tell them to grow up to be a self-decisive human like you. And why shouldn’t they? You have left them a perfect guidebook of the best decisions of your life. It’s time for them to spin the wheel again.

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