The Fault In Our Education Systems

Posted by Akshaya Parthasarathy
February 22, 2017

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“That would be tan inverse 45 dollar please” the vendor informed. He reached into his back pocket, fished out a one-dollar coin and handed it over.

He bit into his croissant and walked down the busiest lane, that had every kind of shop one could ever imagine. Being the tech lover that he was, he couldn’t help but loiter around the Casio store. They had released the Casio 6 plus. The graphing calculator of every tech-geek’s dreams. It also came in gold.

He looked down at his version 4 and let out a sigh. Well, today’s interview was going to change it all.

He quickened his pace and reached his destination. As he pressed the button for the lift, a question popped up.

“State Lenz’s law.”

Ha! Easy one. He wasn’t going to let the elevator bring down his vibe today. He leant in to the in-built microphone and said “The direction of an induced current is always such as to oppose the change in the circuit or the magnetic field that produces it.”

The doors of the elevator opened wide welcoming him. He stepped in and pressed the button that held the picture of a structural isomer of Octane. He had a date with destiny awaiting on the 8th floor.

He anticipated his turn, trying to get rid of the nervous butterflies that had dominated his stomach. But he also had a good feeling because he had been preparing for this his entire life. There was a very slim chance of anything going wrong.

As the receptionist informed him that he was up next, he got up, fixed his suit and went in.

Three of them sat behind the desk, and nodded for him to take his seat. They held grave expressions that made him want to run away and never turn back.

“So Mr. Parker..” started the one in the middle, looking right into his face. “Tell me, do you have any experience being a leader? Or have you had any instances where you have exhibited leadership qualities?”

He smiled. This was an answer he had prepared himself for. He replied confidently, “Not at all, sir.”

The three smiled in approval.

“Are you capable of critical thinking or do you think you’d be able to manage a group of people under you by interacting with them?”

“No, sir.” He was on a roll.

“Mr. Parker, what is the integral of cotx?”

He smiled again. “Log modulus sinx, sir.”

There was no surprise. One of the three smiled brightly at Mr. Parker and stated the words he had worked for all his life.

“You’re hired.”


Away from the bustle of the busy city was where they built all the schools. A calm environment for tomorrow’s leaders.

Mrs. Hepburn, the life-skills teacher was taking a lesson on effective communication and the perks of logical, decision making to a class of 9th graders.

A hand rose, catching her attention.

“Yes, Amy, what is your question?”

“When are we ever going to use this in real life, Miss?”

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