How Sexism Is Practised ‘Subtly’ In A Patriarchal Society

Posted by Megha Acharya in Sexism And Patriarchy, Society
February 3, 2017

Pati Parmeshwar

For a wife, her husband is God. Indians call him pati parmeshwar. But for a husband, his wife is merely someone who looks after his child and home. The tag of pati parmeshwar gives the husband the liberty to behave in whatever way he wants. Whereas, the wife must bear all the ramifications silently because it’s her dharma. This relation proves how a patriarchal society scores its authority in a subtle manner.

Safe Workplace Environment For Women

Safe workplace environment in India refers to a territory where a woman is not harassed in any form. There are instances in which sexism take places in a subtle manner. During a job interview, companies give the excuse of long-term commitment and ask questions related to family planning to a woman, which puts forth the idea of women being a burden in the workforce. Women are still perceived as homemakers, whose job is to beget children. These men are never questioned for the discriminatory questions they ask a lady as they are ‘educated’. Are men ever asked about family planning? Do fathers not have the responsibility of taking care of  the child?

Weird Expectations Regarding Marriage

As soon as a woman reaches her early twenties, the question, “When do you plan to marry?” is constantly asked. People behave as if a woman’s life is incomplete without a partner. Whereas, a man on reaching his twenties is never bombarded with vague relationship questions. When a guy is single after the age of 20, he’s seen as someone who has the right to develop a career. A guy’s decision to stay unmarried for his career is considered wise, but a woman doing the same is considered ‘foolish’.

Will there come a time when the society combats such behaviour? This ‘subtle’ sexism not just disparages a woman’s personality but also impacts her mental well-being.


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