The Three Golden Rules Of Lifes

Posted by Utkarsh Kumar
February 21, 2017

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The article is dedicated to all school students

In my early days of my life ( before the teenage )I was very impatient. When someone used to criticize me I used to get very violent and restless.Many a times I miss behaved with those people irrespective of my relations with that person whether he is my friend,cousin, relatives or my neighbors ,it hardly mattered for him.Because of my this cynic behavior many a times I used to behave very rudely even with my parents.I even sometimes used to be abusive when my classmates and neighbors used to criticize me.Because of my this behavior everyone gave me a tag of harsh and mannerless guy.

One day my father gave me a lesson which changed my life. He told me accept criticism as a challenge, have patience! If you really want to give the reply to those people give them by our deeds not by harsh and slang words.If you can develop this approach you will always succeed in your life. I was not very sure whether my father’s advice will work or not but as he said try this once,I tried and it made all the difference.

I was not good at mathematics.Each and every teacher used to scold me that I don’t know the even the basics of mathematics.I still remember that I was not even able to make simple algebraic multiplication like (ax+by)(pq+rs) . Instead of learning mathematics I used to criticize the teacher and even the subject.This scenario persisted till the start of the session of class 6th .I decided to learn mathematics. In jealously and in order to give that “karara jwawb” to my classmates I vowed to learn mathematics. I reached such an apex of madness that whenever I used to find a small piece of paper lying on the floor i used to pick up and used to do the multiplication of arbitrary algebraic binomial expressions by myself. Even in my dreams I used to encounter those algebraic expression.When the result of 1st semester examination was declared I still remember that I scored 91/100. I couldn’t believe that. I felt that I have conquered the whole world and why not should i? A guy who had never crossed the 30 marks Mark out of hundred is encountering 91. This change was achieved within a span of three months .Yes it was a so called the “The C change”.This gave me double reasons to be happy ;the one that I was able to score healthy marks and the other the win over the cause which led to this effect. I was able to give that “KARARA JAWAB”.After this I never turned back. And then I got addicted to see the cent percent marks in mathematics in my report card.This led to a spark for interest in other subjects too as a consequence I topped in my class in the next examination. I received a lot of appreciations.

The readers might be thinking that okay finally the happy ending and it’s over.But there is a twist. Life is not the “bed of roses”.Life is not that much simple at all.Your critics will be always there to find your glitches . I was not good at English. I couldn’t solve simple grammatical and comprehensive exercises. I was not able to write essays and article even with grammatical accuracy.I had wings of ideas and thoughts but I was not able to pen down them with grammatical accuracy while writing articles as a consequence my English teacher very often loose his temper at such horrible grammar. My teachers used to scold me because of English I will not be able to get good aggregate percentage in my board examinations. After that incident of maths I was no more in a habit of reacting horribly at my criticism. So in this case too I vowed to make a fair grip over English.I joined a separate tuition class. I used to practice exercises continuously for three hours. And because of only “PRACTICE PRACTICE & PRACTICE” I was able to make a fair grip over English .

This funda; instead of being hyper reply critics by your deeds is still practiced by me.Look at the situation,read the situation,have patience,do your best.

I can summarize my father’s lesson as “ADJUST,ADAPT,IMPROVISE”. The three golden rules of life.

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