The Valentine Of Desolation

Posted by Raunak Nayak
February 15, 2017

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It was never a dream, it was never ever a sequence of plots happening to somehow lead to a satisfactory scene of happiness. Some circumstantial beliefs and disordered thinking that outreached your brains and senses to a different dimension seeking some out of the blues seriousness and devotion in keeping the bond intact and the relationship happening.But just when you might have been working on regular decisions and work patterns, the counterpart might just have been working in synthesizing necessary wrongness bringing in conflicts and ruining the devotion that had been hard fought to get established.

A sudden moment of wreck and that devastating away every possible root of the source and inclination of his daily thinkings, possiblities and happenings. While some old Kishore Kumar sounded like” Tum aa gaye ho noor aa gaya han”, started sounding like “Mera jeevan kora kagaz” and like depicting every thing that could have been colorful into frames of repetitive black and grey. Sucked from the inner soul and highly engrossed with doubts and uncertainties came the adsorbed awareness of impulsive disturbances narrowing the constriction between living and merely surviving. While the brain thought “why again the same story”, the heart played an off beat harmony with the nerve fluctuations.

Bringing out the impurities into guided framework sounded like the order of the day. Commendable spirits took to inclusion of forced errors leading to a secluded pathway where the soul which started finding goodness, somehow managed to hide and plot its perpetual, persistence, persevering death.A human error or a killing in making. People valued only those deaths those resembled faded bodies, strangled nerves, stopped breaths but failed to count which happened even when all the above mentioned cases mis-matched. There was sketch of happiness craving for a warm hug but what returned was strict calmness of desolation.YES, my soul had failed, my faith had failed, i didnot.

I strive, struggle hard even today only if i could gain some superpower to erase everything that you have intentionally done to me for all this time and start with a warm gesture of hug but the nest very moment you have provided me the best circumstance to quit living and flee into a sleep of lunatic suffering.I just have to say you that you have put in a lot of effort to destroy my simple life, which all the time had nothing, and the most surprising fact is only if you would have tried putting in the same level of effort on building a life of “US”, I could just have struggled a bit further and lived a bit more.

the valentine of desolation.

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