The Vile Visions

Posted by Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian
February 12, 2017

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“A rotten apple spoils the entire basket” this is one such phrase come true. It gives me a lot of agony when I see men eyeing women in a completely undesirable and awkward manner. We live a dominant society where in some cases women still have a lower hand. We shall give lectures and blog a lot about Women’s independence and equality but you know what!!! It’s isn’t happening at all!
Equality is that which will let a girl walk care-free anytime and anywhere. Isn’t it a shame to gare at a woman walking down the street!? What not few men are upto, checking out women’s boobs and butts, brushing against them in buses and public places! Can’t a woman go to a drug store for an emergency? It’s unbelievable to see men of my dad’s age checking out, rasping on and yes those nasty comments that they pass on.
For how long do women have to stay calm and endure all these shits you do to them? Oh please, don’t even dare to say that every single women out there are provocating and instigating your dirty minds with their clothes!
And the irony is we live in such a world where few men rape, abuse, assault, force women on one hand and worship & respect women on the other.What’s even bothering you? Is it the pair of breasts or their curves that excites you? If so, then please go get some good morals from the women of your house.
I know this doesn’t apply only for men. Women too should respect men and yes ofcourse, NOT EVERY SINGLE MAN is a pervert! And this particular piece of writing is especially for those corrupted brains who always lusts women and looks at them as a sex toy.
Lust,crave or your greed for pleasures,
Is something that’s never a measure.
To fall as your prey is not they are meant,
And it’s better you never  repent.
Oh Yes, a big salute to every single genuine men out there without whom our world would have turned into a hell to live in.
#The rotten apple#

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