Thought That Can Change One’s Life

Posted by Sweetysingh
February 9, 2017

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I’m not here or not writing this post from which you can learn anything… surely it helps a lot of girls. We know that daily so much of girls are harassed,  raped,  kidnapped etc…But we always blame a girl only and the reason because of her dressing sense is it a reason ….because she is talking to boys  living with them so you think its the reason. If you can’t save anyone please don’t  give this reasons. Change your thoughts  may be it helps or saves a lots of life. And if you are giving this reason think about it if someone  comment a girl because of this why you do this things with a 2- 3year child or 70 year old  woman.  Why? Its better to teach your sons respect girls they are same as your mother, sister and daughter….if they understand this i’m telling 99.99% this issue will be solved and so much of girls will feel safe. Please i’m also a girl i want to live alone , anytime , anywhere ….plz help all of us

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