Top 10 Tips for Effective GRE Preparation

Posted by krishnalimishra
February 15, 2017

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GRE Preparation

GRE commonly known as Graduate Record Examination is taken by more than 700,000 people every year. It is a computer adaptive test and the difficulty of the questions to follow is based on the accuracy of your answers to the previous questions. The better you do in the initial questions, the tougher the consecutive questions get. It has three main parts verbal reasoning, analytical reasoning and quantitative reasoning. You can use the following top 10 tips in order to master the test:

1. Start Early

You should start the preparation early because there is a lot of ambiguity related to the topics that you are tested on. For example, if you have majored in psychology and know nothing about geometry then you might need time to master the concepts. Similarly, if you have to develop the vocabulary then it certainly cannot happen overnight and you need to start way ahead of time to reach your ideal score.

2. Shun Rote Learning

Mugging up concepts might have worked in your school days but it is not going to come handy in your GRE preparation. So, instead of trying to only repeat and learn you should try understanding the meaning of the word in a particular context. This way you will retain the information in your long-term memory whereas rote learning will not take you anywhere.

3. Brush up your Basics

A solid foundation helps a long way and same applies here. If you have understood a concept in bits and pieces and fail to implement it then it is not going to fetch you any marks in GRE. So you need to brush up your basics and revisit the core concepts before jumping into the tougher ones.

4. Online Mock Tests

The whole point of appearing for mock tests is to get a real feel of the exam. You must not check your phone, do the chores while practicing online or take several breaks in between etc. The reason being that in the actual exam you will have to sit for the whole time without doing anything else and with only one break. So incorporate discipline also in your practice.

5. Booking the Right Date

The date of exam need to practical, suggest most of the GRE classes in Nagpur. You should keep the date on a holiday or academic break so that you have prior time for the preparation of the exam. This way you will also get to revisit the areas which you are weak at.

6. Create a Prep Plan

You need to have a daily preparation plan which you can stick to. Your study hours should be planned accordingly and you should monitor your progress.

7. Efficient Revision

Revision is as important as the actual preparation. You can group with your friends and do the revision together. The revision should also be scheduled and you can set targets for yourself.

8. Managing the Time

The GRE exam expects you to cover each section within the stipulated time. During the practice tests, you should cover each section in the given time in order to do well in the final exam as well. The mock tests help you to maintain a good score in your final tests and teaches you how to utilize the time well.

9. Work on your Weak Areas

Pay attention to the questions that you cannot solve. These are from your weak areas and you need to concentrate on working on the same. You must analyze and pick the simplest way of solving the questions which clear a lot of concepts for you.

10. Getting Enough Rest

Maintain a good sleep cycle. Why? Because you can only retain the information you have learned if you get enough sleep such that it goes to your long term memory. At the same time, you should also take care of your health. The researchers claim that doing cardio for 20 minutes every day can boost your brain power. So never hesitate from any mental or physical workout.

You can incorporate the above tips in your schedule and can also consult GRE classes in Nagpur who gives proper guidance to the students regarding the best practices to be used in GRE and also help them prepare. They also provide mock tests and practice material which helps the students in developing the skills. All the Best!

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