A Thank You Note To A Man Who Reaffirms Faith In Humanity

Posted by Pragya Garg in My Story, Society
February 2, 2017

It was a pleasant morning, and I was in Bhopal, the City of Lakes, to give an exam at 7:30 in the morning. Though my centre was far away, I left my place of residence early. On reaching the destination, I was not that worried about my paper as I was about my lunch. Because between one half of the exam and the next, there was a break for lunch, and though I did not know the place that well, the more pressing concern was how I would get my lunch that day.

As I had reached my destination early, I was able find a bench on which only one man was sitting. I ran quickly to grab the seat. As there was ample time for the next half to start we started talking about life, jobs and places, and then I moved on to the venue for the exam. After the first half of the exam, during the break I was in a dilemma regarding what to do – when suddenly, a motorbike stopped in front of me. To my surprise, the man with whom I had chatted before the start of the exam was there – and in a very gentle manner, he asked me out for lunch. Because he was a stranger, I should have say no – but not having any other options for lunch that day, I said yes. He took me to the restaurant and I was amazed how he knew about my lunch problem. He smartly answered that in the morning, he had seen me coming out of an auto, just with a wallet – and so he had assumed that I may have needed help.

In today’s world, we all question humanity on a daily basis. We stick to the one simple rule of not talking to anyone to stay safe – I also used to follow the same protocol. But that man changed my views. He makes me believe again in people who respect girls. Being a girl, and most importantly, a human too – we all desire respect from other. He was such a gentleman that he didn’t ask me anything – not even my name. So finally, I asked for his name in order to thank and greet him. The man still exists – and I have immense respect not only for that man, but to all men out there who are similar to him.

Writing about this incident is really important for me and I want to tell everyone of this incident. Because everyone is blaming boys cursing their parents, we all have fear in our hearts and minds, and we are losing our respect for them. But if only we can meet more people like this person, the whole scenario will change – girls will not be afraid to go out or ask for help from anyone. We will not hesitate and will live in an era where everyone will have an equal status. For that reason, we need more men like the one I met.