Universities Vs Politics

Posted by Sonam Chodol
February 25, 2017

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The incident that take place recently at ramjas

college of University of Delhi gave another reason for the people who thinks politics n studies cannot go parallel. The battle  between students Union raise up few basic question like

1. Do universities need politics

2should politics be totally banned??

3. If no what kind of politics institutions should practice n should a boundary need to draw to keep things in limit.

My personal opinion is that institutions should largely take part in politics. To understand the real need of politics, to get indulge in politics first v need to understand the society our State have. Our every sphere of society is determine by politics. As it influence education, industries , health, even it has the power to control over our personal choice like no of children [china scheme], our food dress etc… In such a political dominated society how universities can isolate themselves from politics. If the motive of the institutions is not only to inculcate bookish knowledge but focuses on human development then politics should be given one of the top priority. It is not only needed to make oneself strongly sensitize but to produced better leaders to lead country. The election held each year is good eg where winning with strong muscle power n money become illusion.

But there is still more to make politics successful and healthy in universities. The chaos that created in JNU n DU are coz of lack of knowledge n intentions behind politics. DIRTY politics need to be totally banned and need to create an environment where motive should be far behind supressing views of opposition rather need to make note of the idea which is different from yours. Politics should b all about discussion, debate, dialogues in a fruitful manner. The motive should be to unfold bitter truth through media, social sites, play etc. Any of political issues should not disrupte the campus.

Todays universities are in crisis yet no one is serious. They are neither success at academic front as they fail to produce intellectual ideas and scholars nor they are serious about sociological analysis.

Politics in universities should be supported but the way should be change.

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