Unknown Secret Of An Insomniac Sociopath That The World Would Never Know

Posted by Janet D'souza
February 25, 2017

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TODAY I am sharing my story but I am sure that this is not just my story.I am an insomniac sociopath. I also get panic attacks at times this is the main reason why I prefer to isolate myself  from people because I feel that people would never understand the pain that I go through every moment.I’ve consulted many doctors but it didn’t help.I get judged by people very often.BUT the truth is that, that even I want to live a normal life.Actually I used to live a normal life earlier but one incident changed my life completely…….I still remember that dreadful day very clearly..It was 6th SEPTEMBER,2015 I was a 10th standard student at that time…It was my last year in my school as well as in my city coz I had decided to do rest of my schooling from another city…I had realized that two guys were stalking me since last few days but I decided to ignore them coz my parents used to stay in a different city and I used to stay with my grand-parents n I cudn’t bother them…that day I was returning from my coaching the streets were silent coz it was evening time…SUDDENLY those two guys appeared  at first they were passing inappropriate comments I tried to ignore them and go away from that place but they blocked my way I tried harder to control myself(I am a very short-tempered person)  and asked them to move away from my way,but they didn’t and my anger over-whelmed when one of them touched my hand and I slapped him hard on his face.THEN they injured me with a ciggerate and tried to molest me but I escaped that place somehow and reached my home in a shocked and confused state I didn’t know what to do!!!I lied about the injuries to my family…I was scared and wasn’t strong enough to face the society..So I DECIDED TO STAY SILENT…I isolated myself from rest of the world…..I started going to coaching and to home from coaching trough auto-rikshaw…..Somehow the year passed-by and I moved to a different city I thought I would be able to live a simpler life ahead but my past is still haunting me…..THIS IS MY SECRET!!!!

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