Unlearning My School

Posted by Debamita Chatterjee
February 17, 2017

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Every year when v-day comes I feel an associated fear…the fear to go to school though I am not anymore a school girl. the fear led me actually to hate my School..even in my social networking profile you will find where I am working in, but you will never see the name of my school…cause I hate that part of my  life, but I felt supported when I heard that Rabindranath Thakur also had a strong dislike on his school and on the entire schooling system…ahh relief!! Really!! While assisting on a project to my guide sir named Safe SChool Survey of Indian Statistical Institute, which will be published soon, I witnessed there are lots people man who feels like me, same! who learnt to invest lots of time on studies, and no games (sports), they are learning healthy habit means 12 (or more) hours of study and less than 6 hours sleep, no feild experiment or experience and most important BE A TOUGH COMPETETION FOR WIKIPEDIA. particularly this last point was my area of problem.

What they taught us is  all tools without purpose. like in history, when bla-bla war took place in India? In which year? Ofcourse informations are important, but we can’t leanr every informations also. Then we have to learn what is important and how will we know what is important? by experiencing (no debate on that). I have always found myself successful (after school life obviously) when I have learnt informations with a purpose, then it gives a strong memory.

But this fact took me to a point that why we will go to school anymore? To learn informations? which is well availabel in internet now-a days. Where is the purpose? Atleast let us find it, without lebeling us as less-meritorious..I mean what kind of scaling process is this? What we all want is not about passing school to join college and then the university to earn a job to make a living. we don’t give exams just to pass, we want to learn, not when we are in our professional life, we want to learn within school too. We don’t want to learn to ‘fit in’, we don’t want to experience prison, we don’t want to unlearn school, we want to know ourselves within schools too. We don’t want to be an unsocial giant and end up in to be a patient of anxiety attack.


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