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Untrue Allegations About My Guru! Syed Pasha!

Posted by Ashiq Usman
February 2, 2017

NOTE: This post has been self-published by the author. Anyone can write on Youth Ki Awaaz.

How do people accuse someone without even knowing them??? I am Ashiq Usman who is a physically challenged person. I was thrown out in the streets because my parents were not able to cope up with my disability. Today I am nothing less than a celebrity.  My Guruji Pasha has been a saviour and guide to me and so many more differently abled people for so many years now. He has sacrificed his life for this cause. He has devoted so much time and energy to empower us. He could have used his skills for any other purpose but he thought he should help people like me. He taught me to dance when I thought I could not even walk. You can be the best ripest peach still there will be people who hate peaches. Same is with ones’ likes or dislikes of something, depending on how it’s serves their purpose. Based on one’s likes or dislikes we cannot make open comments about people. Everyone has issues in life but that cannot be published openly by false statements. We have no right to speak against anyone based on the limited truth we are aware of. Unless you see it with your own eyes you cannot state something as true. Infact looks can also be deceptive. In few lines one person has decided what kind of a person my Guruji is, throwing his 30 years of hard work out of the window.

Wake up youth of today- Please remember that there is always 2 sides to a coin. The sour grapes story is just not a fable, it applies in daily life too. Jealous people who couldn’t make it to realm of success feel the grapes are sour. Everyone wants it to fall on their laps without working for it. When it’s not suiting their thoughts they make nasty comments based on half baked stories. Kindly do not support these kinds of baseless stories written by people who know nothing about another human beings life. What a lot of toil has gone into creating such work which has national and international recognition and people just say anything. People…. please be careful with words before you put out there for everyone to read. Don’t try to play God in another person’s life. Kindly concentrate on creating your own successful destiny instead of trying to destroy other people’s success. My Guruji Pasha has been doing a great job for many years and God bless him with the strength to pursue his good work in the future too.

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