Does Valentine’s Day Push You To Find A Date?

Posted by Vinayana Khurana in Society
February 8, 2017

It’s the beginning of what we call ‘Valentine’s Week’. It’s supposed to be the most beautiful week for those who are in love. The box of chocolates and the beautiful red roses are symbols of true love. But there are some people out there, who’re 22 and still don’t have a date, like me. I still remember last Valentine’s Day, a random guy online sent me a picture of roses. That’s the height of a desperate guy trying to find a date. It was weirdly cute but I blocked him!

Finding a date in this age of social networking is complicated but easy at the same time. I think there’s always a filter in your mind when you chat with a stranger, online. You portray yourself as a good person online. You ‘like’ amazing pages and you tend to match your hobbies with your online date, even though you hate doing that. And when someone approaches you online and by chance, you reply sweetly, that guy will directly ask for your number. That is the biggest turn off!

People around me keep saying, “You’re going to be 23 and are still single?” Come on! Is there an age to fall in love? This makes me laugh so hard. Today’s youth is busy in so many good things – social work, doing business, chatting on Facebook and much more. Then, where’s the time to find a date? Yet, those who don’t have anyone in their life might feel sad for themselves on some days, when being single feels like a curse. On those days, single people might also mock their friends who are couples, even though somewhere they might want the same things.

Today is Rose Day. I remember back in school, it was a day on which everybody used to exchange roses. As a free-spirited woman, I always bought a rose for myself. I didn’t want my happiness to be dependent on somebody else giving me a rose. When I go for a walk today, I shall surely buy a rose for myself. Yes, I will.


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