How A Vodafone Employee Violated My Privacy

Posted by Dawn Young in My Story
February 3, 2017

Look at the screenshot! Notice anything fishy? Well, not really one would say. The guy looks like he just wants to be friends.

This is a screenshot of a message I received this afternoon on WhatsApp from an unknown number. I was curious to know who the guy was. I assumed that he might be someone I met at work and needed some information, so I asked him who he was. A loud alarm went off in my head when he said that he was my best friend’s brother because my best friend doesn’t have a brother called Prashant (name changed).

So I messaged my boyfriend and asked him to call the number and guess what!

Earlier in the day, I had complained to Vodafone’s call centre about issues that I was having with my data connection. Someone called Rahul (name changed) in that call centre saved my number on his personal phone and lent his phone to Prashant who thought he would ‘chat me up.’

The associate whose number it was apologised a million times to my boyfriend and assured him that the guy would be terminated but never got back to us with an update as requested. Of course, his phone is now switched off, but that leaves me very very scared.

When we hand over our documents to our service providers and banks and other establishments, we place a lot of data in their hands. I wonder who else in Vodafone now has access to my personal information and plans to misuse it. They have my PAN card information, my home address, my alternate numbers, my photographs, a list of the numbers I call, my data records; it’s never ending.

I am terrified that this guy might try to get revenge on me if he loses his job! He knows where I live.

Have you ever wondered when you call Vodafone, who answers the phone? Is that person a criminal, a stalker or maybe a paedophile? Are they saving my personal information for themselves to use later? Will that person look me up on social media and connect with me and now, of course, he has access to me via WhatsApp.

I feel very violated, and I want Vodafone to know that this is a crime. They have to pay for this!


Featured image source: jamelah e/Flickr