Violation Of Fundamental Right!!!

Posted by Sonam Chodol
February 26, 2017

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Why our government is ceased to decide between Orthodox faith and right to equality . Orthodox faith _As they says (muslim women) that by uttering 3 words talaq talaq talaq a women get divorced. Let me cite a most renowned case of Andhra Pradesh where a 60 years old women did not wake up when her husband returned late from work received divorcé when her husband orally pronounced talaq thrice wgen she was in her sleep . she was later informed by her mother in law .This practice become nightmare when men uses sources as social sites like facebook emails, phone, even writing on wall etc to get divorced their spouse.  In rural areas men uses this for their vantages and divorce their spouse over trifling issues as frustration, to get rid of responsibilities, displeasure, for other women etc. And in a society of our State living a life of Severance put a big qustion on women character.

This practice has not become an issues just only because half of community had declared it invalid but it is against our fundamental rights which is making Muslims women deprived of basic rights. When country is secular then why Muslims men is heavily loaded in favor when it comes to talaq and women just to comply??

My personal opinion is that government should not reluctant to put Muslim marriage under UCC (uniform civil code)as in our past history Hindus which form majority in our State was also put under UCC. Indeed the act was strongly opposed by few religious leaders. Thus excluding Muslims from code our government is attempting grade injustices to our minority community specially Muslim women. Countries with Muslims majority like Pakistan had already abolished this act and other 20 countries had reformed . ironically with minorities our government is allowing this practice. On October2016 our law commission asked for public opinion about the way they could reform the law which split the community into two forms

1. Community as those who thinks triple talaq are not an islamic

2. Community who argues that going against triple talaq means going against Quran.

Indeed with advancement this practice is facing challenges by muslim women . As, Shah Bano case is still alive which was against three issues 1. Triple talaq.

2. Nikah halala.  3. Polygamy.

Credit goes to their courage as more and more like shah Bano are raising their voice against subjugation and gender inequality. HAJ ALI DARGAH is outcome of their endeavour

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