Welcome To The Age Of The Illogical

Posted by Varanya Vijaykumar
February 21, 2017

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For someone like me, who’s long been suffering under the thumb of a prejudiced world, logic is what I cling to, to help me cope. And I’m not alone. Every single woman out there fighting for equality, for change, they believe the same thing. Which is why feminists are not doing what men usually do when they can’t get their way – be violent and start destroying and murdering. That’s not how logic works. But I’m beginning to wonder if we shouldn’t take up arms anyway.

I used to go on Facebook and try and make people understand but I realised they weren’t interested. And this is a fact of human behaviour, you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change. The worst part about texting to change people with logic is that you’ve got to get ready to deal with their illogicals. And there’s a lot of that. Nothing about 99% of the terrible things that happen have any sort of logic behind them. Misogyny exists but there’s no logic for it except what society says. There’s no logic for racism, xenophobia, homophobia or any of those things. Just a misguided set of personal beliefs. Beliefs that if countered with logic will aggravate the believer so much he’s willing to kill. Not unlike religion.

If we focus only on India, it’s easy to notice how ridiculous the beliefs held by many are. And because we’re a democrat we let them hold their beliefs, even to the detriment of others. After all of this, I’ve come to conclude that people really don’t care about logic as long as something panders to their fears and desires. This despite every religious gospel preaching about the value of kindess to your fellow humans. Hinduism has a discriminatory caste system, Christianity definitely gave birth to racism and well I don’t even need to bring up the crap in Islam or Judaism. And all religions are so, SO, misogynistic, I can cite examples in every single one. Persecuting someone on the basis of their religion is wrong but what about when said belief is basically the cause of all evil? I’m a deeply spiritual person but I now strongly believe that religion is literally the root of all evil. Claiming it’s subject to interpretation and some people interpret it wrongly is pretty much the same as yelling #notallmen or #alllivesmatter. Clearly, we’ve been waiting for years for these things to be resolved on their own.

This extreme view is a recent thing because religion and religious leaders ask you to suspend all logic and rational thought. And now political leaders use the same thing to buff their votebanks. And here we are now. I want to make it clear that this trend isn’t restricted to just one gender, religion, class, race etc. It’s followed equally by every single person who clings to any extreme. I feel sorry for them because they waste their lives and the lives of others on the belief that there is an afterlife. Where’s the proof any of this is even real?

I sincerely hope that at some point we start using those brains we evolved or we might as well decide that we’re nothing more than apes.

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