What Is- S A R E E ?

Posted by Singer Swarnakamal Goldee
February 18, 2017

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saree is really a great dress, it’s sexy , beautiful, glamorous which can be carried easily by any womam INTERNATIONALLY. but the way we are using saree generation by generation is totally WRONG. we are using it as the most sexist custom to maintain barbaric “dominating gender diversity “. we are convencing our young generation by time &time that woman hv to wear saree ,hv to use it as their LIFETIME-UNIFORM.we are giving stupid excuses to follow , to cherish this dominating anti-sociology . “hey girl, u can look , u can maintain, showcase in saree also , so dn’t wear western ,it’s look indecent.ya u can wear salwar sometime”-THUS we are humiliating ,criticizing women’s level of confidence more . It’s more coz they already feeling uncomfortable coz of their blind concept of – SATI-SAVITRI. in movies , serials also showing , teaching people directly & indirectly to believe in the  miss-ideology if ideal woman .boyfriends telling , advising , asking their girlfriend to wear wear saree, he wanna se his most beautifull woman in SAREE  to maintain his traditionally customized dominating mind-set.women are decent in every dresses, every dresses are DECENT how to accept, respect,LOOK decently. that will bring real modernization for a bettter , GREATER generation

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