What successful startups in Kerala has to say?

Posted by Anju Jose
February 15, 2017

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Cochin: startups are current Trent in the state of Kerala. Government itself support startups under one of the most successful program of Kerala state government, the startup mission. The students of Rajagiri centre for business studies conducted a study among the startups of kerala to find the direction of the movement. Responds of those firms where quite interesting. Founders of KIWIads; a digital video production company said; “the success of a new business is in what you can provide new. It may be an already explored field, even then you can find your own space if you are truly creative”. Same way RecipeBook; an artificial intelligence-based recipe discovery platform of the opinion that ‘”a startup can succeed if you can do something that no one else did till now” These can be considered as the tag line of most of the startups in the state. New generation business is mostly focused on technology and exploring new areas of customer requirements. They all are exploring new fields of business and writing new stories of victory.

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