WhatsApp Co-Founder Is Coming To Delhi. Here’s How You Can Interact With Him

Posted by Sourya Majumder in Entrepreneurship, Events
February 22, 2017

Brian Acton’s story is not just any success story. From being rejected by Facebook in 2009 to co-creating what would become the world’s biggest messaging app, WhatsApp, to coming full circle by selling it to Facebook for a whopping $19 billion – his is a uniquely inspiring journey. His journey is not only one for aspiring entrepreneurs and developers to learn from, but also a highly interesting chronicle for anyone who uses WhatsApp (at last count, that’s 1 billion people) and wishes to know how it became what it did. It also shows how dedication to a unique vision and savvy planning can lead you to success even with low-key PR and very little monetisation. WhatsApp became a paid service only once, to meet the costs of sending verification messages to its rapidly growing user base, and is now a free service once again.

India accounts for the app’s largest user base – with 10% of its users coming from the country. And now, in an event being hosted by Facebook, Delhi-ites can interact directly with Acton. The event, a Q&A called #GetCurious, is being held at Dogra Hall inside the IIT Delhi campus, on Friday, February 24, at 4:00 PM. It will be moderated by Neeraj Arora, an IIT Delhi graduate who left Google to join WhatsApp in 2011, eventually becoming Vice-President of Business Development and propelling the app’s success. If you’re an entrepreneur, an aspiring techie, or just someone interested in business, don’t miss this opportunity to interact with Acton himself.

Head here now to apply, and you should get an email about whether your seat has been confirmed soon after. We’d also love for you to write about your experience on YKA!