Where’s The Love?

Posted by Ezeugo Nnamdi Lawrence II
February 18, 2017

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Although there’s but one race which is the human race, in present times, man has segregated self, divided one into several. The Black race of Africa (as has been classified by men) which according to many anthropologist and scientists having carried out several researches could be argued as the origin of humanity although this still is not widely accepted, owing to falsification of history and existence, has always been hurt by her fellows, and this i must put out to be the fons et origo of our lost in the unification of men, that they have failed to treat all as one and not in terms of appearance, status, or whatever has been the methodology in use. In the (under)development of the world, there seems to be an overwhelming influence of modernisation and yet a lack of civilisation.Thus i say; for Humanity’s sake,

Stay true to things you know, alright?!
Keep that flames within you lit,
At the end it comes back to the basic,
Stay up, way up,
Remember you reap what you sow,
For tomorrow’s sake, sow love,
Don’t be deceived by mythical lies, love’s the one key,
Stay true to thy path, you know it down deep within you,
Stay up, way up,
Make right with now; how else would tomorrow’s paradise be?
We don’t understand but we answered,
Ignorance some say, come to think of it, is it?
Live up, stay up,
Preserve Nature, Chant love, United people,
Where’s the unity?
What does unite all, for it determines our togetherness.
Stay strong, way up.
For you have already been told about the Path; where it is, how to find it, and what has to be done once you are in on it.

Unequivocally, I have come to realise that in the relationship of man and his environment (microbes, smaller animals, aves, inanimate objects and things) which are not man’s creations, there is an enforcer, organised system (BEINGS) that has through HIS/THEIR powers (supernatural) made all be.
Oh yea men, free thyselves from this institutionalised chains and programmed ways of life; though they’ve been in existence for long, in as much they pose a threat to thy nature as men/humans, it’s time to outgrow them,
The secret and base of this institutes is organised manipulation and deception, they work only to ensure hell on earth for all, telling stories of heaven elsewhere and in mockery giving hope to the foolish and blind of men.
Oh ye men of earth, awaken thyselves and experience a corrupt free, un-programmed happy and peaceful universe of Love.
Further explicating; if perhaps one lacks the ability to see in the dark, and therefore is compelled to spending a valuable amount of time in the dark, waiting for a messiah to lift them into light.
At what point it becomes clear that heaven helps those who help themselves. It is in the heart of men to help and be helped, but not assuming the greater responsibility in giving aid; this is why one should not expect a routine aid for sustenance, thereby developing a self of dependance.
Many but few who in their passionate nature to seek knowledge, have devise means, learnt techniques, and become aware of what to do, and how to elude darkness and discern without/upon reflection shadowiness” Irrespective of all man’s puritanical nature; there’s yet a lack of chastity as men are Adamic.
Essential moral support and reticence I implore thee despite the distorted interpretation and views of they (world), oh man, when all apparent contradictions vanishes and logic of facts sets in from within,
Around the cosmos is difference of mores and customs without cynicism which was a curse to morality owing to the fact that today its more of imposing than acceptability as emotion is forever human; and this is why I question the terms civilisation and modernisation in relations to colonisation.
I have walked (although a few miles physically, but more otherwise) and seen to identify the truth before you, patiently watching you decipher facts.
Be rest assured that at the end is the (Love) key to the universe, and along this path is the the gateway”

Ralph M. Lewis said; “In practical living, Illumination follows both Intuition and Idealism. Our intuition helps us to form a series of steps to climb. Each step in turn is an ideal; each ideal is more advanced, and more satisfying to our highest psychic self. An ideal may start with health, with personal well-being. Then it may advance to a consideration of the welfare of others, the service of society and then gradually broaden with greater understanding. The idealism prepares the consciousness for Illumination.”

“That’s right,
Love cost no thing.
Lust is ambitious,
Its limited and desperate,
That you are not loved by the one you love, doesn’t retard or quench your love.
But when only one is consumed with lust, they end up tired; because it has all been lies.
As evil continue to endure;
The strength of humanity decreases;
This weakness casts a shadow between men and light;
Thus humanity suffers from slumber in darkness, bringing about the doom of men.”

Man knows not a thing about his existence, but claims he has knowledge.
I urge my readers to withdraw after reading, and ask themselves the question “what and where is love?”
My religion is Love, and God is love.
Everything in life is beyond our knowledge. believing this brings wisdom, because you only know what you can give details from Genesis to Revelation about, i have lay a lot emphasis on seeking love, as i believe love a consciousness of God, and seeking it the only path to unshackling the human race from all forms of hate that has given rise to the molestation of her. The more we continue on this way, its says something unwise about the lot of men, trying to achieve a goal by applying same principles that lead to failure initially. Lets sow and show more love by our actions to all, stopping all stereotypes and wickedness borne of hate. I hope through this platform my messages gets to you, NAMASTE!!!

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