Which Is More Strict College Or School?

Posted by Shivangi Tripathi
February 3, 2017

What is college life ? When we think about college life, we equate it with having friends, taking trips, functions and a lot of fun apart from studies, fun that is not possible in our school life.

I am a student of Banasthali Vidyapeeth University, Rajasthan. I started my undergraduate program in the year 2015. The day I came here was the worst day of my life. It was not as everyone expects their first day of college to be.
I think everyone has some dreams from their college life like their first day, their friends and everything else.
On the first day of my college I wore a pink khadi kurta (kurta made of a coarse material) of polka dot and a white khadi Salwar. I wasn’t even looking good in that outfit. Even though I was very confident and proud and I wore khadi.

I always obey all the strict rules of this university. We cannot move out of our hostels without wearing khadi not even in a cotton salwar kameez. Once I was late and on reaching there, I was not allowed to enter the college because I was wearing a cotton suit. That’s fine, I understand that there are the university’s rules and regulations.

The problem comes when we have to go home. Of course, if someone is living in the hostel the person really needs to visit their families. But the university always have an issue with granting leave to its students. They even don’t give us holidays after our semester exams in December, which I think every college and university provides. We only get one break after a semester and that is our summer break.

If we want to take leave to go home, first of all we need to get a leave application from our parents by post only then and our wardens will sign it only after calling our parents. Then we need to go to our educational department to get our parents’ signature verified. After that we have to get it signed by our Dean and then again we need to run to our hostel to get another signature by our wardens. Then we have the final procedure which is getting our gate pass  without which we cannot go out of our campus. The procedure is really very lengthy.

I think it’s also unfair to not provide us break after semester, it means after December, we are only allowed to go home in May after semester exams, which is really tough for a student to live in hostel for such a very long time and I think which needs to be change and it’s really a biggest drawback of taking admission in Banasthali Vidyapith.