Who Is Artist? What Art Should Be ?

Posted by Singer Swarnakamal Goldee
February 16, 2017

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What is art? art is a reflection of broadness of our mind-set . The power of creativity to bring positive changes , teaching everyone to accept refined thoughts by breaking stereotypes. CENSORING is not art ,it’s just appreciation  of narrow-ness, supporting bad actions , giving chances to the devil side of human , in-humanity.artist should always be bold & should hold the ground for truth at any cost . selling PERSONALITY may giving success but it’s not giving the best prize of art-which is positive-ness ,extra-ness, power of honesty , for honesty. nothing is IN-DECENT when it,s being done for art , it’s just our in-decent angle of view which trying , always trying to convence us to give-up ,by giving excuse of any in-decency or any sexual provocation .It’s forcing us to raise it’s jealousy , supremacy by hurting , killing , convencing innocence of our OWN.we should respect,understand with positive thought,attitude every dimensions of ART to bring real changes in every dimentions

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