Wholly solely

Posted by Chaarvi Murari
February 10, 2017

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‘She was so lonely’, many people said this after the demise of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, with a feeling of pity and sympathy.

The complete being is unrecognised once again, since she didn’t have a husband and children. Is that it? Is that what is required to be called a complete person? She was a very talented person and a very strong lady who stood by her words. I see a lot of people appreciating and celebrating her for the dynamicity she had but the average Indian had one complaint that she was not a family person and hence lonely.

To them I would suggest just look around and observe that there are people who are happy with their solitude and there are also people who are lonely in a big family. There will be times when you will be wanting some time for yourself but you will never be alone to relish it.

It’s very unlikely that you are the pride of the society if you are single and ready to take on life as it comes. Only if you are a saint they will respect you to the utmost because you have grown above the worldly pleasures. If not so, you are deemed to be selfish and irresponsible, are there no responsibilities of oneself towards oneself? People who take on the world on their own are in fact more responsible and careful as they have strong feet and heads at the correct place.

A person who reaches great heights tends to become lonely. It’s a matter of striking a balance to whichever extent one can. There is nothing wrong with discovering the treasures of the Earth and pleasures of the world alone and you should not be going on an unending guilt trip for the same as it is just another way of living if not, the so called ‘the way of living’.

We must also not forget the vastness and versatility of our culture, an individual within the family can be a vairagi, you can call your family and friends as a super set of which you are a subset. ‘Human is a social animal’ and the society is made up all kinds of people, all individuals collectively comprising of bigger social circle. Your way of living is completely different from the other and every different kind of lifestyle has it’s own existence and uniqueness to it. Your experience will be completely unique even in a particular niche.

The parallelism of universes lies in this only, let’s say your circle is the universe, you will see it as a differently timed and differently placed phenomenon which is the otherwise for another person.

Flowers of different colours and scents are pretty but their beauty magnifies when they are put together in a garden but the garden becomes vibrant because of the diversity of the flowers it has.

You are complete, the nature has made you in totality, a fully functioning being, the representative of an wholesome existence, a power consumer and a power generator, a complete system which holds numerous other complete cells and tissues.

“Om poornnam-adah poornnam-adah pootnaat-udacyate
Poornasya poornnam-aadaaya poornameva-avashissyate||
Om shaantih shaantih”||

1.Om that(outer world) is Poorna(full with divine consciousness); This(inner world) is also Poorna(full with divine consciousness); From Poorna comes Poorna( from the fullness of divine consciousness the world is manifested) 2. Taking Poorna from Poorna, Poorna indeed remains( because divine consciousness is non- dual and infinite)
– Chaarvi Murari


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