Why I Fear Being A Writer

Posted by Harshita Rajoria
February 8, 2017

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Among innumerable blogging sites and a new page coming up every day for writers on various social media platforms, it scares the shit out of me to say that I write or want to be a writer.

The whole world today seems to have an opinion from everything till everywhere. There is no stopping by, but, what we often forget is among so many writers there is a need for reader. Among so many people who say the speeches, there are required listeners.

It drives me crazy to see sixth standard children writing on heartbreaks, love, pain, despair and I don’t get whether they do this for that temporary fame, or for increasing their literary skills.

People often write by developing their thoughts on the experiences they have had. Books they have read. Music they have listened to and as far as imagination could take them.

In this hook-up culture, I found 2 things very common that there are 2 types of pages for most of the writers. The first is the motivational page where you can find people posting other famous people’s quotes or their own which mostly deal with working hard,time management,inspiration,etc. While, the other one is on long lost love,undiscovered love, heartbreaks,etc

Now what upsets me is not the no. of writers. But the no. of duplicate writers who keep on writing the same stuff just by moulding the language or nothing at all. It is sad to see how the little ones are now getting into these things while the other good enough things pass by. The point that I am trying to make here is take care of your mind as what you think gives rise to your thoughts.

So, think different and write different. Don’t just follow the crowd, make your own place. Try new things,experiment,risk, that is how you will learn and stand apart.

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