Why I Started Making My Own Sanitary Napkins

Posted by Vinayana Khurana in Menstruation
February 15, 2017

I was 14 years old when I started using sanitary napkins by a popular brand. Back then I was really too young to voice out the problems I faced while using these manufactured sanitary napkins. When using them, I felt uncomfortable moving around and this would restrain my activities during my periods. I didn’t like how they stuck so close to my body but wasn’t brave enough to share my feelings with my mom. I thought that the pain and itching were normal. Moreover, I was under the impression that every girl must be going through the same problem.

So, I went online and started researching my problems. I discovered all about the ill effects of sanitary napkins and was shocked to see the results. I found out that these sanitary napkins have harmful chemicals like Dioxin and Rayon. Dioxin can cause abnormal growth in reproductive organs and Rayon, which is used to increase the absorbing capacity of the napkin, also contains Dioxin. These chemicals are the main cause of cervical cancer in women.

One fine day I decided to voice out my problem to mom.

Mom understood my problem and told me about how she had survived when there were no manufactured sanitary pads in the market. So as a result, in her teenage, she used to make pads at home. It was a tough time for girls as there wasn’t much awareness about sanitary napkins. However, once they were available in the market, she shifted to pads.

It was from that day that my mom and I started using homemade pads again. She also told me how to recycle old cotton cloths for good use.

Step 1: Take an old, clean cotton cloth.

Step 2: Wrap a few cotton balls in it (how much depends on the size of the cloth)

Step 3: Place it in the underwear.

Step 4: A fresh pad is made!

These homemade pads are easy to make, with little or no cost. You can put a fresh cloth on the existing base. I have been using this for almost two years and it feels really hygienic during the cycle. The cloth is made from used cloth and the best part is that the underwear doesn’t get stained. 

These pads can last for four to five hours during heavy flow and seven to eight hours during the third and fourth day. After use, you can dispose of them or wash and reuse. I have to make around seven pads per cycle but I think this is feasible as you don’t have to go through the discomfort of wearing manufactured sanitary pads.