Why Shouldn’t Rapist Be Publicly Stoned?

Posted by Mandavi Jaiswal
February 27, 2017

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I am barely able to read till the end of the article, everytime a rape instance is reported in the newspapers. I feel unbearable pain, I feel rage, I feel insulted and I feel very vulnerable. Why isn’t this nation feeling the pain?


Have we all gone numb? Does it ever appear in anyone’s priority list to take up this case? Oh don’t tell me you don’t have time, you do have time to find a new job, buy a car, find the perfect dress and celebrate birthdays, pretty much everything.


Why doesn’t anyone question the judicial system? Is imprisonment an enough punishment for rape? Are we giving the right message to the #RapistInTheMaking? Will imprisonment be enough threat to deter a future rapist from committing the crime?
When the rapist doesnot feel ANYTHING at all before killing the victim morally if not literally then why does our punishment stop at just imprisonment?

You may say that there may be cases of fraudulent reporting in which case an innocent MAY go under the hammer. There may be cases of marital rape which could be debatable. You may also say that the rape and kill instances MAY increase.

But then what about a case where the crime has been proven? When a minor is raped? SICK. What more is there to prove in case of a gangrape? Why is there a blanket rule of imprisonment or peaceful death penalty (in extreme cases)? Shouldn’t it be made most anti-peaceful for the rapist in these cases? Why should a teen juvenile be sent back free in a few years? My question is WHY a blanket rule?
Why can’t the rapist be publicly stoned or shot with a knife in the eye? Most brutally abused and left to suffer the pain in the most heinous way.  He should be made to suffer to the point that he starts to hate the idea to live. And he should be made to live to send out the right signal to the # RapistInTheMaking
Will that not be justice in true sense? My blood boils, your blood boils. But why aren’t we doing anything about this? It’s time we #RiseAgainstRape


I want to make myself heard today. If not today, when? Write back with your thoughts and Share this with the hashtag #RiseAgainstRape


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