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Forced To Quit Her Job And Get Married, This Woman’s Story Is Heartbreaking

Posted by Sourya Majumder in Sexism And Patriarchy
February 20, 2017

Control over their own futures, over their own bodies has been something that patriarchy has perpetually denied women, all over the world. But in a country like India, the prevalence of customs like triple talaq and forced arranged marriages means, that even to this day, personal liberty is a distant dream for many women.

There are many examples of how a woman can go against the constraints set by society, struggle, and become highly accomplished in her chosen field – only to be forced back into submissive domesticity. There are many practical considerations that women who wish to take charge of their own destinies must consider – pressure from parents, compounded by anxiety about their future; as well as the stigma of society.

And so, this Twitter stream from a man sharing the harrowing and heart-wrenching story of his friend should hit very close to home. It does, however, end with a very important message that it’s high time to consider.