Yes, I Bleed!

Posted by Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian
February 12, 2017

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Growing-up in a society bound to blind faiths and superstitions is not a cakewalk! Where men are free to talk about  sex and women still forced to cover themselves behind the stereotypic taboo “MENSTRUATION”.
YES, I BLEED! What’s wrong in this? Is it an epidemic or sin? Why aren’t we allowed to share the same things for instance, using the same utensils,bed and pillowcases! “Don’t sit on the couch! Don’t enter the kitchen! Don’t touch people for the next 3days!” Bah! But why? Is it the stink of the blood that flows through my vagina or is it the stink of your rotten brains?
But that is not all! The worst case is when you go attend a family function but indisposed to participate in anything clearly indicating that her periods are on. “Don’t water plants if you are menstruating ‘cuz your touch will defile it, Don’t touch pickle ‘cuz you will rot them up, Don’t pluck flowers because they’ve to be offered to God! So what if I’m menstruating? What does it even have to do with you? If God is allergic to MENSTRUATION why does he even have to create it in first place? Have the plants ever told you that it would defile itself the moment you touch it? Am I a ‘Super Woman’ invested with superpowers? Or do I look like a witch who does black magic and could burn the world to ashes with my very first touch?
Ancient women held themselves back on their periods because they had only one source for water ie, the river where they had to share bathing space, wash clothes & utensils, cook & drink and what not! This might have nudged women to stay away when they are menstruating to avoid contaminating the conjoint water body. On the other hand study says that women of those days had mere sanitation facilities and they had to use cotton clothes when they’re on their periods & wash it by themselves. This poor sanitation comforts would probably cause infections to those who have low immunity and resistance to antibodies.
So, now tell me! Should I name it a myth? Or should I call it a taboo or your stupidity? I Know periods does hurt badly, but not talking about it hurts more! Let’s stop reiterating the cliché phrases, “She’s menstruating & she’s not supposed do it”. Women of 21st century are no lesser than man. If she can juggle with household, workplace & kids on the same hand! Why not this?
This still exists in many of the cities in India. Even in households who call themselves EDUCATED and those living in abroad who tag themselves SOPHISTICATED. Sad but true!

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