You Rape Me Because You Want To

Posted by Divya Sharma
February 22, 2017

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A skirt? Nah! They reveal my legs. The boys won’t be fine with it.
Jeans and a decent top? No way! That is just too western. Are you inviting men to rape you or what?
Jeans and a kurta would certainly do. The jeans can’t be eliminated? Girls in this society don’t wear such things.
Salwar and kurta. That’s done and final. But last week when you stepped out in those, you were still molested, weren’t you? 

Yes, I was. I was touched at the places it didn’t feel right. I was felt by the hands that never felt safe. I was called by names that had nothing to do with who I am. And it happened with me when I was wearing western attire or the traditional. It happened in the morning, afternoon and at night. It happened when I was walking down the lane all alone and when I was walking with a bunch of people. It happened with the strangers and with my own relatives. It happened at my home, at my college, on the streets, at the night club, near a temple, in a bus, at my work place and … everywhere!

But every time I was touched by the demons’ hands, I was told that it was my fault. Every time I was called out names, I was made to realize it was because I had such an aura. It all happened because I asked them to do this. It all happened because I invited them to do this. It all happened because of type of clothes I wear, the way I walk, the way I talk, the people I converse with and some say it is even because of the kind of things I eat. Really?

Perhaps it happened because I am a girl and it’s okay for the boys to harass me. Perhaps it happened because raping a girl is the only way to prove that you are a real man. Perhaps it happened because I talk with boys. Or perhaps it happened because we never taught the men around us about who are real men.

But some of the men made me feel safe. Some of the men made me feel they cared. Some of the men treated me the way I wanted to be. Some of the men touched me only when I said a yes. Some of the men acted and proved that they are the real men.

But who am I ranting to about all this? Everybody came out and raised their voice when December 16, 2012 took place. Everybody raised their voice. Hundreds of people gathered and protested. But still every day every girl walks out of her home only with the hope of reaching her destination safely.

I should perhaps just stay at home and never leave this place. But oh wait! There are demons there as well.  http://

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