You’re Not Just A Girl

Posted by Mahalakshmi Ramasubramanian
February 12, 2017

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When we grew up our moms would have taught us how to clean,wash and especially train us to  make perfect Rasam, Sambar etcetera., But has she ever taught you to stand for yourself? I’m more than happy if she has! Except the bitter fact is that we live in a world where we are proud of our traditions, heritage and culture but you know what we actually shouldn’t be proud about.We are still far beyond because we still judge a girl’s character with the way she dresses,walks and talks!
Yes! I pout while taking selfies, I eat too much, I watch pornography! Does that makes me characterless? What is the matter if I’d like to ride bikes? ‘ I’m going on a trip to Goa!’, ‘Woah!! Look he’s damn hot!’ Do I look like a whore if I say so? ‘Girls must silently give in if they’re being raped else she will be killed’- says a rapist. My foot!!!! Are we your sex toys or in which angle we seem like your stinking condoms that you shall use and throw it off just like that?
C’mon if it’s my ability to make ‘Round Round’ dosas and rotis, or if it’s my fair complexion that makes people tag me a ‘Perfect Girl’ well, then let me not be one of that kind. This isn’t happening only now! Back then it was ‘Seeta’ who was made to walk into blazing fire to prove her sanctity. Where did your ‘So-called respect’ go when Draupadi was assaulted and abused in front of her husbands (HUSBANDS are you even kidding! Was she even a piece of furniture or commodity to be shared amongst FIVE!). Now let me again ask you a question, why don’t you worship Kannagi whose curse burnt the township of Madurai? Why it is not widespread?  Of Course she’s a ‘Paththini’ just like Seeta but why not Kannagi?
‘Don’t yell at the top of your voice! you’re girl’, ‘Learn to cook and clean else you’ll have a tough time at your in-law’s’, ‘No! We cannot afford to send you to abroad because we’ll have to spend on your wedding too!’. Seriously!! “We’ll spend on your wedding but not on your education!” what makes you so keen in selling us? Why don’t you tell this to your sons as well? Just because he’s a guy does that give him the liberty to choose his life?
I don’t blame parents and men totally. YOU WOMAN! why don’t you rebel when someone else rules your life? Why can’t you pull yourself together and show some courage? I know it’s not that easy to break the invisible shell around you, but at least try cracking it. There are umpteen women achievers in our country but many of them still remain unknown. When Arunima Sinha
(Lesser known sports person) can climb Mt. Everest despite having lost her leg! Why can’t you fight for yourself? Or do you expect filmmakers to make inspirational films about Mary Kom, Kalpana Chawla etc, to whip up the nerves in you?
Agreed! Women in general are fragile, gentle and soft-hearted but it doesn’t make them naive, gullible nor a loser. And what do you call her when she strives and strikes you hard? “An undignified characterless ‘SLUT’.
Well, I’m not here to talk about ‘Women empowerment’ nor ‘Girl power’. All I ask for is ‘Respect & space’. Why do you think that the hands that rocked the cradle is unfit to look after herself? Yet it’s never late. If it’s not today, then it’s never. You’re ‘NOT’ just a girl who covers her behind this unreasonable world. You’re a girl who seizes her virtue.

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