Finally! A Bra Commercial That Boldly Smashes Body Image Stereotypes

Posted by Lipi Mehta in Video, Women Empowerment
February 17, 2017

For many Indian women, talking about lingerie is something that’s done in secret, with girlfriends or with saleswomen in ‘that’ section of clothing stores. We still heavy on patriarchal notions and stereotypes where visible bra straps are a strict no-no (“Look at her, no shame!”), lacy bras can only be carried off by ‘thin’ women and are only meant for looking sexy (for your partner of course), and if your bra shows through your clothes, then you’re definitely ‘asking for it’.

Rubbishing these notions with a lot of fun and flair is lingerie company Zivame’s new commercial, #FitForAll. With diverse body and skin types, it shows various types of relationships women have with their bras – from that gym sports bra to the lacy bra that any woman can wear, to the do-nothing-at-home-and-laze bra.

It shows real-life situations and breaks the ridiculous shame around women having one-night stands, spending time with themselves and going for blind dates. And with a super progressive approach of not featuring any men, Zivame proves that wearing good, comfortable, ‘sexy’ lingerie is not just about pleasing your partner.