5 Hilarious Female-Centric Web Sketches You Need To Watch Right Now

Posted by Ashmeeta Mehendiratta in Culture-Vulture
March 8, 2017
Editor’s note: This story is in response to Youth Ki Awaaz’s topic for this week – #WomensDay to start conversations on how we can achieve a gender equal society. If you have faced gender-based violence, sexism or misogyny, would like to propose policy reforms or write about what families, friends, workspaces and partners can do to ensure gender parity around them, write to us here.

We might still have items songs that position us as tandoori chicken and baby doll, but let’s not lose hope. The web-series culture has brought a whole new trend of refreshing female-centric content. The International Women’s Day theme – ‘let’s be bold for change’ holds completely true for these upcoming web-series. Here’s a list of the web-series you shouldn’t miss out on today.

1. The Good Girl Show – D0pamine Media

Released on March 6, this is a fresh new web-series that you are bound to fall in love with. It’s about four Delhi University Girls living in a PG and you are sure to relate to their characters and see a little bit of you in them. It not only shatters and breaks stereotypes but shows the real independent life of college girls that’s extremely relatable. So get ready for these four DU girls will take you on a ride back to college.

2. Ladies Room – Y-film

As the name suggests, the web-series is based in dirty women’s toilet. It’s about two besties and their hilarious misadventures in six different ladies room. They are ‘girl bros’, messed up and completely unapologetic. Go check it out.

3. Mom, I’m Not A Virgin! – Girliyapa

As the name suggests, this short video will take you to the moment where a girl confesses to her mom that she is no more a virgin. In a society where talking about sex is taboo, this video shows the mother’s reaction. It’s hilarious, heart-warming and extremely relatable.

4. When Girls Go On A Road Trip – The Timeliners

Three girls decide to go on their first road trip, while all their family refuse to support them in this fun journey they find their own way to travel by hiring a car. They take you through their entire journey from Delhi to Agra in a fun and completely relatable manner.

5. A Woman’s Besties – AIB

This is AIB’s unique approach to shattering taboos in the most non-preachy way possible. It rightly portrays the battles inside a woman’s mind when she has unprotected sex. AIB portrays a women’s besties with a slapstick sense of humour in a rather catchy screenplay.