7 Points That Can Make Us Better Delhites!

Posted by Gagandeep Singh Vaid
March 17, 2017

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There is every possibility that Delhi can become a better place to live in. And the ways to go about it, are shared as follows:


  1. No Unnecessary Honking
    Honking unnecessarily on the roads leaves people panicked and tensed at the same time. Do not irritate them, especially when the traffic signal is red. Everyone is in a hurry, but practicing patience would help the Delhites a great deal. Agree?

2. Use Dustbin

This is no different from what we studied in the schools, and the honourable Prime Minister has been pressing upon! Don’t keep the Swacha Bharat Abhiyan only limited to cleanliness drives done for photographs. Practice cleanliness, it feels good. Chewing gums, bottles and wrappers thrown in open cast a dull effect on the cultural and beautiful Dilli. Paan stains on the walls don’t look good either! Learn painting as an art form instead, if you want to paint Delhi red. But, spitting on the roadsides, by opening your car doors- leaves a damp picture. Connaught Place looks decent in its actual colour- let it be!

3. Put yourself in Other’s Place

Remember, when you saw the old man standing in the Metro, while you being a youngster were sitting and watching the old man, search for someone to offer a seat? Be the first one to help elders and needy people! Imagine, if they were your dear ones. At the same time, it is humanity. Isn’t it?

4. Respect the Tourists

Just because, they don’t want to be rude- doesn’t mean, you go on getting pictures clicked with them. Don’t irritate them- let them appreciate the city. If they would need help, they could ask you themselves.

5. Follow Traffic Signals

Following traffic signals is the must- and park only at the parking space. Don’t leave your car in the middle of the road, if you happen to buy something from the market. This disturbs the vehicles which are behind you, and creates nuisance on the road.

6. Follow A Social Cause

artist address
A shot from an NGO visit to teach children in Mansarovar Park of East Delhi

Take out 2 hours in a week for a social cause that appeals to you the most! It feels good, believe me.

7. Fitness Freaks

Decrease 30 minutes that you spend on gadgets and do some exercises that can make you fit and healthy! Or take up any sport, dance or passion that intrigues you. You can thank me later, for the advice.

Delhi is a city about which poets and writers have written in books. Let the green city maintain its heritage and legacy! And we Delhites, be the keepers of the rich legacy through actions.

Thank you,

Another Delhite!

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