A Dream For Gender Equal Society

Posted by Disha Thakur
March 4, 2017

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What is the difference between a Man and a Woman?

Is it the difference of few body parts?

Is it the voice or colour?

Is it the types of clothes they wear?

Or is it the choice of their occupation?


We need not have to go outside in the world to know about gender- based violence, sexism or misogyny- or inequality, we can learn it by just sitting and observing our people at homes.

School is where we learn about ourselves and the world.

And Home is our first school.

We may be living in the 21st century than too a girl or a woman is not allowed out after 10pm whereas a boy or a man is never questioned if he is late or out there doing something.

Don’t women have a life?

Don’t they have the right to choose?


It all starts at home…

One day I told my mother about a place for shopping in cheap rates, the moment I told her the name of the place, my mother’s first reaction was, “NO, you cant go there only men go there”.

I was like, they sell stuff that are for both men and women but why do only men go there, women will start going there if they see another women going.

We behave and act as per our teachings.


Sexual harassment touches the lives of 40%- 60 % women.

Now-a-days we are so adapted to news such as acid attacks, rapes, people are like, “yeh toh hota hi rehta hai”. BUT if it happens to oneself we become intolerant…WHY?


Our reactions let the sinners do more sin.



Even if we go back to our history, myth logically, Draupadi was harassed by her own relatives.

Juliet was forced to marry someone else.


A woman is objected by her choices, she cannot opt for a particular job because it has night shifts, or she has to wear shorter clothes.

A man also wears shorts and a woman also shorts, they have same legs…Right? Or do they have different leg bones or something, than why so biased.

The problem is with the eyes we see, during the course of time we have built a mindset that women’s are made to do indoor works and men’s need to be in the field.


There’s always Man of the house, why not woman of the house.


Even though the process of giving birth to a child cannot be done by a single person it’s a joint work by a man and a woman.

Still during the process 80% job is done by women from carrying the baby to absorbing the pain of labor and also the after effects of pregnancy.

Just remember a Man is alive because of a women and it ain’t a favor.


Its easy to click the LIKE button and tweet on social media but its very hard to speak up about these topics.

We are living in democratic country, Are we?

Free to participate in working of the country…is it?

If a person speaks up, it either ends with memes or tweets or the person taking their words back.


We urgently need to change the “LOG KYA KAHENGE MINDSET”.

We pray to female Gods like Mother Mary, Maa Durga, Saraswati for betterment and prosperity and harass their bloodlines of female.

All a women needs is love, care and understanding.


Women are not enemies to Men, it’s the universe logic, and we both have to come together

The only thing we need is our space to live according to our choices.

If a woman can take the pain of labor to bring a body to life, than she can go miles to work hard to have her part.


Rather than saving money for your girl child’s wedding and dowry,

Start spending that money on her education.

Rather than controlling your daughter control your sons.

We judge people easily it only takes a look and few seconds for us to judge someone.

So rather than blaming and grumble behind each other we should learn to work together.


If a Human learns to control himself we may not need safety apps and the security force can be used in development of our country.

The development will be economical and relational too.

All that is needed is balance from both ends.

I believe changes take place…it’s a long process…but we can work it out together.

Because at the end of the day that’s what we need to bring a change and impact mindset.



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