A “happy” Women’s Day?! #WomensDay

Posted by Manpreet Kaur
March 7, 2017

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Even without taking a glance at the calendar one knows that 8th March is around the corner, how you ask? Well, 8th March is celebrated as the International Women’s Day all around! And just before it is actually here, you can see women oriented, and women empowering ads, posters, and posts everywhere and anywhere. Which I can’t decide is whether a thing to be happy about, proud of, or rather be sad and disappointed about.

Well, that’s a moot point. Isn’t it sad and upsetting how one day out of 365 is for women, it seems odd, doesn’t it? Observing a day for the one sex of the two we have? Does it not show the position of women already? And what’s the point of celebrating one when it is just for one day, not even the complete day? Or is it just the consolation of the patriarchal chauvinists served to the women to make a “point” that they are celebrated? Or are we?

Moving on from the eye of the cyclone of controversies and debates to a more subjective viewpoint and the one problematic invisible with the whole charade of this day which is the one thing that is neglected completely! All around there are rounds of women empowerment and equality but the one area that is thoroughly dismissed is “sexuality“. Sex is a taboo for many countries like ours and women sexuality on top of it is beyond a taboo. It is ignored to such an extent that many don’t even recognize it as a thing, addressing it is a far cry!

Women are like men, physical beings and not “just physical” beings. It is funny on one hand they are thought of as this “object” a “physical being” driven by physical “spirits”. Be it movies, or fictional stories, tales, songs, everywhere they are reduced just to being a muse, a physical attraction, how many item numbers are centered on men anyway? And it is funny and ironical, that “their” sexuality isn’t addressed at all. They are not supposed to have sexual feelings, attraction, or sexuality, and if at all they have any, we all know the label they earn for themselves.

Till today many women are not able to freely express their sexuality, their emotions, desires, or needs, and surprisingly enough, not even to their partners. Many don’t make the first move, just because we aren’t supposed to, or how would it present us for those who are open about it are disowned by the “culture”. Many don’t express what they expect or need in bed and many are not even aware that they can also expect anything or have needs “in bed”, well, they are to satisfy, and not to be satisfied!

Yes, things are changing, yes women are becoming aware of their sexuality, expressing it, embracing it and going gaga over it! But the mindset and the thinking is what that needs to change, how this change is perceived is what is still a big hurdle for all the beautiful, bold, and independent women out there! Let’s change the ritual this Women’s Day and do a little more than just changing the statuses, DPs, posts, and address, embrace, accept, and celebrate women along with their sexuality. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!

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