How Feminism Has Nothing To Do With Hating Men

Posted by Rewati Karan in Sexism And Patriarchy
March 11, 2017

So there’s this trend to make videos and write rants on how feminism is about equality only in the dictionary and misandry in real life. Some people make posts bashing the whole idea of feminism. They have this allegation against feminists that they propagate male-hatred and nothing else. They accuse feminists of generalising all men as potential rapists, eve-teasers and molesters. While I do agree that some sections of those who claim to follow feminism, may have resorted to man-hating but how does that make it valid to generalise the whole fraternity of feminists? How is it different than hating men in general for the oppression of women and the crimes perpetrated against them over centuries? Irony much?

There is the misuse­ of every ‘ism’. Secularism being another example. But does that mean it should be painted in the same hue? Our male counterparts also advocate for women’s right to equality, they also identify themselves as feminists but the sad fact is that they are reduced to be known as a mangina (slang) now. So, those men who advocate for women’s right to equality just worship vaginas and only want to get laid. That’s why they patronise women by supporting feminism.

It’s amazing to see that on one hand, they crib that men are being stereotyped and on the other hand, they are doubting their own brothers of having some vested interests for supporting feminism. They don’t even have trust in their own fellows! If a man raises his voice against the discrimination against women, he must want to land into a romantic relationship with that woman. There is no in between. It can’t be platonic. It can’t be altruistic.

Some also crib about the ‘friend-zone’. Another new term to shame women for not having sex with them! Refuting the women’s sufferings with the argument,’Oh! We are also victims’ is nothing but yet another attempt to nullify the grievances of women folks by these so-called men’s rights activists. Every community’s suffering is a matter of concern but certainly not the ground to discredit another community’s problems.

The truth is that every ‘ism’ and ideology is vulnerable and can be misconstrued and be used to quench one’s vested interests but that doesn’t imply the whole idea should be bashed and declared irrelevant and invalid altogether. If anyone has some reservations against the term feminism, here is an insight. People misconstrue feminism as a form of activism that exists only to empower women and is not concerned with the plight of other genders. Let’s just start categorising people on the basis of their attitude towards gender discrimination. If you advocate any kind of discrimination on the basis of gender, you’re a sexist. Otherwise, you’re a normal human being. Simple, isn’t it? Very much serves the purpose of egalitarianism. These two simple categories. A normal human being and a sexist.


Image source: Kaushik Roy/ India Today Group/ Getty Images