Aap Pakistani Ho?

Posted by Waseem Ahmed
March 22, 2017

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  • “Bhaiya, Aap pakistani ho?”Such a simple question by nearly six year old kid surprised me.
    It was a normal evening out with mine and a cousin’s family at the mall next door. When we reached the food court, I saw this boy who was troubling his exasperated mother and elder sister who was crying.
    I merely told him not to. And what a response I got!SHOT ONE. Below The Belt.

    Boy- Bhaiya Aap pakistani ho ??
    Me- No beta I’m a proud Indian.
    Boy- Aap pakistani ho.
    His mom – mudit! no beta !

    Boy – ye pakistani hai
    Me – arre full Indian hu yaar
    Boy- nahi aap pakistani ho
    Me- sigh

    Boy- aap pakistani ho
    aap pakistani ho
    aap pakistani ho
    aap pakistani ho
    Me ( Signing off ) – haan beta you’re right.

    Ab kya kahu?
    This was such a sweet looking boy who has now been filled with suspicion towards a fellow Indian just because he choses to ”look muslim”.
    The couple we went out with is one of the sweetest couple ever and the wife, despite her husband’s requests keeps half of her face covered.
    At the entry itself the guard politely reminded me of the ‘new mall policy’ of patrons not being allowed to cover their faces. We grudgingly obliged, thinking about the all pervasive commmunslisn that is quietly seeping in our country’s “new policies”.

    What could I say except lament and numb myself to the islamophobia that’s enveloping all of our country.
    This is the way it is going to be at least for the next decade or so.


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