ABVP even if you win this fight, it’ll be our nation that will be at a loss

Posted by Sheetal Banchariya
March 3, 2017

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Politics: A profession devoted to governing or to political affairs.

The word ‘politics’ stands for a committed profession towards peoples’ welfare and it’s nowhere about the power dynamics of any given political party or person. But the definition of politics is changing quite rapidly in India; it’s touching the extreme corners of authority, domination, and threat.

In no way can political ideologies of a particular party become the foundation of any nation. In a country like India, which is so diverse in its existence, development and peace can never exist with a unidirectional religion based approach towards Nationalism.

Politics and region are two completely different aspects, but little do I know about how and when saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai!” became the criteria for becoming a nationalist. It’s not a war against the nationalists and anti-nationalists; it’s a war against power authorities and the oppressed.

If we tend to refer to the recent incidences which took place at the educational institutions all over the country, Hyderabad Central University, Calcutta University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Banaras Hindu University, Jadavpur University, Delhi University, the only thing that I could think about is, the young blood having their work-in-progress towards a nation that we all would never want to be a part of. A country with full of fears about sudden acts of violence in which one ideology mercilessly with inexplicable violent emotion overthrows another.

It is always extraordinary to have a conflict, given the conditions that it remains in the boundaries of being ideological. The moment any conflict turns into an attack or assault which is more or less materialistic or physical in nature, the only result to it will be only and only LOSS!, Loss of lives, resources, properties and the list is never-ending.

German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel summarized the theory of “Thesis-Anti thesis-Synthesis”, where ‘Thesis’ is a beginning proposition, ‘Anti-thesis’ is a negation of that thesis and ‘synthesis’ whereby the two conflicting ideas are reconciled to form a new proposition. We as young citizens should focus on bringing out the ‘synthesis’ in the crisis moments of ideological clashes. Without opposition, there will be no enhancement in the levels of our thought processes and hence the growth of any nation will have serious threats attached to it.

ABVP even if you win this fight, it’ll be our nation that will be at a loss, because among all who are currently the supporters of such acts of explicit violence, we will lose a handful of potential people who could have been positive free thinkers and revolutionists.

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