An insider’s view on development of Bihar

Posted by priyanshu babu
March 9, 2017

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Bihar is today refered  to as “a developing state” and nitish-bhakts would say that their messiah Shri Nitish Kumar has “transformed”bihar but I beg to differ .I fully acknowledge that Shri Kumar’s leadership has indeed brought about some positives and introduced a momentum of change but at the same time I would like to state that a good start does not necessarily mean a good and positive journey.The main problem with Mr Kumar’s government is that it does not have a proper development or if it has then it is sorry to stay it is not implemented properly and I do not blame the administrative machinanary  rather I blame absence of political willpower.After all if nitish takes the credit for the positives then he must face the music of negetives.The opposition parties too are to be blamed because the opposition too has an important role to play afterall it’s the opposition’s responsibility to keep a check on the government.

I am not an economist or sociologist or for that matter expert in any field but by applying some common sense I have come up with a small idea.First of all focus must be shifted on service sector,after all Bihar has too much potential for service sector especially in IT and ITenabled services.Bihar has the best minds of the nation and why can’t these minds work in places like Patna,Darbhanga,Chhapra?Can’t the government start IT parks ? If bihar can pool its human resources and become IT hub of the nation there would be growth in other sectors too like hospitality.Bihar boasts of many premier education institutes like IIT Patna,AIIMS Patna,Chanakya National Law University (and Intellectual Property Rights lawyers would make lots of money).Secondly mechanization of agriculture should be promoted and promotion of agriculture allied industries must be done.It is disheartening  to see farmers of bihar devoid of all modern techniques that can make agriculture a major revenue contributer.

Thirdly, commercialization of Bihar’s art must be done. Madhubani Paintings is sold through a proper channel by creating a distinctive brand name can make the lives of the artists more prosperous and also claim glory to the state.Forthly, the tourism sector of bihar should be managed properly so as to generate revenue and colleges in these areas should adapt courses like B.A. in tourism so as to provide knowledge and training so that the unemployed chunck of people can be employed as guides.Fifthly,the problem of two paygrades in government should be done away with.Its ironical that the’land of knowledge’witnesses teachers protesting against “6hazar banaam 36hazar”.Sixthly,Bihar has rampant mismanagement of waste substances.You get down from your vehicle near zero mile at Patna and walk 100metres back and you will see a desolated waste management plant and heaps of garbage.This creates a very bad impression and should be done away with.Seventhly, social awareness about abolition of caste based differences must be done away with.

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