An Open Letter For The Fair Skinned Hypocrites

Posted by leena hazarika
March 23, 2017

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Being a girl, lady, woman is not an easy task in our society. The day we are born till the day we die, we are slammed with various taboos and rules as to how should we sit, stay, eat, breathe and live our lives. These norms and rules of our society are mostly meant not for our welfare but for the satisfaction of people around us so that our purity exists as a female. We face practices like female genital mutilation to doodh peeti in order to stay pure or minority in the world.

But, the worst of all, we face is the discrimination on the basis of our looks specially in relation to our skin colour. Why do we feel that fair skinned girls are prettier than the dark ones? Why is it logical to think that dark skin looks dirty in relation to the fair one? Why eligible bachelors mostly prefer girls with fair skin ? Why do you think that a dark skin women cannot achieve well in the fields of modelling, acting or any other beauty related scopes of profession ?

I don’t find the logic behind promoting cosmetic fairness creams and lotions as if being dark is ugly or evil or the saddest thing a person can have. Is it so ? Why do we even motivate advertises in relation to fair skin where women are shown with unnatural fairness which pretty much looks like as if someone has added a hallucinogen light on their faces.It’s a different concept if you creating ointments for skin diseases and issues but why do we consider being dark as equivalent to a skin related issue ? Since when being natural has been considered as ugly ?

And then those Indian Aunties, who thinks that being dark would lead a girl to stay forever unmarried. Please, why don’t you all just go to hell ? Or may be stop thinking about dark skin at all ? Don’t you realise that your so called desi sarcastic comments are actually making few girl’s self esteem way low. No, being dark is not KALMUHI or DAYAN. Being dark is natural and beautiful. The only thing thats ugly over here, in this society is, our minds about skin colours and the narrow perception about beauty. We all are unique. There is a reason why God didn’t give us same faces or features. There is a reason why we are not alike. It’s because we all are unique and beautiful.

To all those ladies with dark skin. You were born to make a difference. You are strong and confident. Do not let the world tell you that you are not beautiful or pretty or good enough. I request you to even avoid such negative people and vibes who makes you feel like a loser. You, my Dear, are born for greater things. You are your own strength. So, you need to keep going and NEVER STOP ACHIEVING GOOD THINGS IN LIFE.

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