An Open Letter to FEMINISM…

Posted by Nandana Varma
March 30, 2017

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Dear feminism,

Bravos to your new found position as the pedestal for the modern and progressive women and the religion blindly worshipped by multitudes of female minds. You surely empower women across the world, make them realize their inner strength and of course, serve as content to their debates and articles. But would you mind if I turn your head to another side of yours- the side of Hypocrisy?
Today the ideology of feminism not just advocates equal rights for men and women but is also sadly and conveniently equated with misandry. All men are stamped as patriarchs and misogynists, who take women as mere sex objects. Don’t you assume it to be your responsibility to teach your followers the difference between beliefs and stereotypes? And yes, talking about stereotypes how easily your people presume that all women who are housewives and take care of their family have their wings cut off and all the others who go out, work, party, wear short dresses etc. are liberated and empowered. Have you heard of personal choices and preferences? What if those women love catering to the needs of their families and enjoy their motherhood. Can you please stop putting these preconceived notions into the heads of young minds and let them decide for themselves?
And the biggest irony of all lies in the fact that you proudly profess the strengths and equal capabilities of women to do everything that men do, and at the same time insist that a man must give up his seats, open the doors, pay restaurant bills in the name of ‘chivalry’ and ‘courtesy’. You are actually concreting the definition of women as the ‘weaker sex’. The other day I was shocked to hear a young so called feminist lashing out against the social stigma prohibiting women to drink and booze as openly as men. Does the disclaimer read “alcohol is injurious to men’s health”? I think no. It is equally harmful for its consumers irrespective of the gender. Sensitizing the society against alcohol and drug abuse would have been a better idea than trying them out yourself to prove your equality to men.
And sorry to burst your bubble dear Feminazis but it really makes me cringe to see that the great feminist movements meant to uplift disadvantaged women and bring them to the mainstream has now degraded to marches and rallies begging for attention and acceptance. We women are strong and are endowed with our own super powers of love, beauty, intelligence, high emotional and mental solidity and so on. What we need are not reservations or allowances but our own space to live and voice our opinions freely. So please leave us alone and let us fight our own battles and carve a niche. Trust me we have it in ourselves just that we need to find the right opportunity to prove it, and hating the world and its system is surely not going to help.
So to all those who misjudge my confidence and boldness to hardcore feminism today I have a reply similar to the popular Hindi movie dialogue that once shattered a major stereotype- “My name is Woman, and I am not a Feminist…”
With love,
Your admirer

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