Answer To Trump’s Rhetoric.

Posted by md amanullah
March 9, 2017

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BY-M.A Ansari.

“We will ‘eradicate’ ‘radicle Islamic terrorism’’ from the face of the earth’: Donald Trump.

Responding to your rhetoric, Mr. President, I am tempted to show the mirror to the “custodian of humanity” and “harbinger of democracy”.

Mr. President, it would have been more appropriate if you had used “only Terrorism “in place of “Islamic Terrorism” like your predecessor Obama.

Now coming to the point, I was glad to know that you will eradicate terrorism, (avoiding your demonizing phrase) from the face of the earth, but who will guarantee to eradicate the terrorism which come from F-117 Bomber, Barrel and cluster bombs?? Who will guarantee the life of millions of Afghans and Iraqis who became the victims of superpower’s arrogance? Just because they belong to the third world nation, doesn’t make them sub-human, or their life less valuable than yours. They too have a life, children, family like anyone else has.

Mr. President, Blood is thicker than water.But for imperialist powers, Oil is thicker than blood, isn’t it?o

Mr.President, demoniseA few terrorists are enough to demonize the entire faith of 1.5 billion people.(referring to your phrase “radicle Islamic terrorism). In spite of the fact that thousands of eminent scholars throughout the globe issue “fatwas” against terrorism, condemn terrorist attacks every time .We Muslims, mourn every year for the victims of 9/11 in millions.

But did your nation ever apologize for millions of innocent deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, in Vietnam??No! never. Still you are the legitimate custodian of humanity, equality and liberty. With a huge deposit of nuclear Arsenal, which could destroy the entire earth more than 10 times , you are the saviour of “civilized world order”. An Ironical anectode . Isnt it, Mr. President?

Those states, whose interventionism had always been peculiar,  are talking about construction of walls. Imperialist powers like your state had always adopted Machiavellian tactics to humiliate your political foes ,  and during the process created Frankenstein like  monsters : Al Qeda, Taliban, ISIS and many more,  who are unleashing reign of terror , haunting the East and West alike. But Alas! Islam is to be blamed keeping a blind eye towards your  Machiavellian tactics and geo politics of the region.

Your another statement . “ And by the way we’ve spent almost $5 trillion over the years on trying to nation building in the Middle East ……

Let’s dissect your rhetoric, uttered by unprecedented  fervour and let’s see  the veracity of your claim.

Mr president, nations are not built by ‘bombing them to the stone age’ as America did in the Middle East. You lost dollars , but they lost millions of lives. Innocent civilians were punished to death for the crime they never committed. Scourge of death and destruction engulfed them, and dismembered the entire nation.

In the mantle of “harbinger of democracy “ you were not better than the army of Halaghu khan, who once burnt  Baghdad to ashes in 1258 AD. Euphrates and Tigris were turned red and black, with the blood of slaughtered civilians and burnt libraries. The US invasion too inflicted horrendous brutality and killed about million people in Iraq, Toxicated Euphrates and Tigris with depleted Uranium, as result more than 100 thousand children died from polluted drinking water and cancer caused by depleted uranium.

If we juxtapose both Gruesome and horrific chapters of Iraq’s history, it seems the US invasion was mere modern Iteration of that medieval macabre incident, With the only difference of horses and F-117 bombers, of Swords and cluster bombs. That time attackers were barbarians, and victims represented the most developed civilization of that era, that’s why Mongols declared themselves “scourge of God”.But this time, The US had media giants like CNN and IBN, to indoctrinate the masses with unsubstantiated fear of WMD, thus declared themselves “liberator” and harbinger of democracy.

Year after a year, Kabul, Baghdad, Tripoli, succumbed to imperial arrogance and greed. Every spring was converted into worst nightmare by super power’s intervention .You continued to turn vibrant cities into land of charred corpses .Atrocities on the third world nations , generated grievances  among the youths of Ummah .Unheard grievances festered inside their mind, leading to radicalisation of the  entire generation. Youths  became vulnerable to extremist blandishment which further strengthened the  grip of extremists .Consequently the Muslim world ushered into the worst era of violent conflagration .

All this left woefully deep scars on collective psyche of victim third world nations.

You successfully tried to hide your greedy face in mantle of “torch bearer of democracy” but failed to find any WMD(weapon of mass destruction). Attempt to topple elected government, duplicitous policies, multiple times transpired your truth but it was too late.

Sometimes conscience of masses subliminally became victim of extensive propaganda or other time dazzling dollars, fascinating scientific development (plinth on which western power thrives )greatly helps to normalise crime of superpower against humanity. The world crumbles at the feet of leviathan’s military might. Consequently, truth and justice cease to survive. On the other hand, media constructed and indoctrinated myth triumph at world stage.

This is how imperial power had been whitewashing their unprecedented violence and justifying their acts, under various veils ad mantles throughout history. And imperialist power of modern era are no exception. Under the Flag of establishing democracy , they are continuing to act as  a global dictator.

But every empire is destined to be corroded .Ruins of magnificent towns and palaces, which were once an epitome of power and glory, tells this naked truth. And it’s a well  known aphorism “history repeats itself”

History would be more unbiased and fair for the oppressed of the third world nation than present. And we are

optimistic that historians would rise among the lions, to tell their side of sufferings rather than glorifying the act of the hunter.

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