Anti-romeo Squad: An Idea Of Change?

Posted by Raman Thukral
March 26, 2017

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“ALL MEN ARE DOGS”, we have heard this statement numerous times and have agreed to it. But Hello, people, it is a metaphor. It wasn’t supposed to be absorbed literally. But seems like the newly born ‘Anti-Romeo Squad’ has its own intelligent system of grasping things.

When a mad dog unnecessarily bites the pedestrians on the road, the so-called working men not only dismiss the affected dog, but all the dogs of the area suffer. Even the ones who are lazy enough to sleep all day. That seems like justice to us. None of us shouts at the top of our decibel voices against the ‘Anti-DOG Squad’. But if all the pet dogs are to put in the van for the same incident, then we might screech the streets.

Nevertheless, the matter is not about Dogs this time (for some at least). I believe, the statement ‘All men are dogs’ is widely used only because it is about men. The poor dogs couldn’t understand it, perhaps, any action from their side is automatically nullified. And we men are at peace with it only because we believe that at least I’m not the dog. The one next to me is surely is.

Anyhow, the Anti-Romeo Squad has probably taken the initiative to make this statement legal. Because that’s what their agenda says. ‘No Romeo shall be refrain’. But please at least tell us who the ‘Romeo’ is? Because by the actions and reports that have surfaced up in the past few days, indicates that any guy seen roaming around the city or anywhere near the area where girls are present or are caught with a girl, is a potential Romeo. Oh, Sorry. My bad. Not potential, he is a Romeo. Period.

Perhaps, this would be the first time in the history that the guys avert being tagged as Romeo.

The point to note here is that just like Demonetization, the intentions behind this act was noble. No doubt. Agreed. Alas, once again the execution doesn’t seem well in the order. Well, that’s one essence of INDIA. Either they take no action & let the thing go on and on until everyone gets comfortable with it, or they just bombard it. The action system they follow is Binary.

In the Bollywood movie, ‘PAAN SINGH TOMAR’, there is a dialogue that goes like: “The Police is revered here. What will people say if the Police meddle in petty issues?” Until now, the police and the government, of course, were in the same state. Hence, there was an absence of the policemen at the needed places. And eventually, that led to the uncountable cases of molestation, harassment, acid attacks, rapes, and what not. But now, they have taken a heroic step by putting up the ANTI-ROMEO SQUAD. And what does this squad do? The work of the Anti-Romeo Squad is to make sure that the women are not facing any problem in the public places. Lets’ hear it one more time. The work of the Anti-Romeo Squad is to make sure that the women are not facing any problem in the public places. OKAY. What’s poking my mind is the work that the police is doing under the name of the ANTI-ROMEO SQUAD, is the same that they are supposed to do, with or without any of the squad-shitting thing. It is their innate duty. To ensure the safety of the public from the elements that degrade the society.

Why are they trying to glorify the basic idea of the institution of POLICE by raising up a campaign?

What are they trying to tell people?

Whenever I drive my bike without the helmet, I make sure to avoid the nooks where I’m aware there is a possibility of finding the police. But there are ten different ways to reach the same destination. But the police is only present at just one or two. I know that. And I divert my bike to another route and reach without any mess. And the same case is during the night and early morning time. I’m aware of their location and their routine. I know I can drive my bike the way I want. Without helmet. Exceeding the speed limit. Doing tripling. Whatever, there is no one from the police depart that can put me in trouble.

But what if the Police officials are present at all the routes and at all the times. I will not be performing any of the above-stated gimmicks.

IT IS THAT SIMPLE. No need of creating a campaign: ROAD-SAFETY SQUAD.

Likewise, if only TWO policemen are standing at a distance of every kilometer or so, all these so-called Romeos won’t even think of pulling out anything immoral.

It is simply the availability of someone from the legal front. If the guys are aware that if they do anything ill to any girl at this place, there is no scope of running away. They can be caught within minutes. In these circumstances, only the one with a deranged mindset will perform the act of perversion.

This thing could have been implemented peacefully without creating any fuss. But NO. No baby No. NO. When we are doing something, we have to shout it out. I mean that’s how the people will get to know that the government is doing something for them. That the government cares for them. If the daughter comes home and tells her parents that from last few weeks, she had experienced that the number of Roadside Romeos has decreased and it has happened because from her college to her house, she sees that someone from the police department is always there. That’s the real work. That’s the real action. Doubting and questioning every male present on the streets and on seeing a guy and girl together and taking them under custody and bullying them about the nature of the bond that exists between them is not the thing to do, Sir.

Because, Sir, not all men are dogs. Not every male figure who is waiting outside any girl’s institution is not carrying any doleful ideas in his head. Not every boy who is walking with a girl is harassing her. And if that’s the case, then every male living in this country, from the guy working in the coal mine, to the honorable Prime Minister of the nation, each one of us in under the radar.

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