Why It’s A Great Idea If More Startups And MNCs Are Set Up In Small Towns

Posted by Sachin Cr in Careers, Entrepreneurship
March 9, 2017
Have you ever thought how Bengaluru will be after 20 years?

If you are from a small city or a town and living in a metropolitan, you will know how difficult and irritating it might be to get to your workplace daily. After a long day’s tiring work in your cubicle, getting back home would be joy. But the journey – isn’t it more tiring than your work? Have you ever thought, “Why should I travel so long to sit in a cubicle and work?” Have you ever thought why you should there, go through all the unnecessary agitation due to traffic, noisy roads, high cost living – with no peace of mind?

Every year, many people come to Bengaluru in search of jobs. No matter what your background is – literate, illiterate, B.E. graduate or MBA – irrespective of your qualification, you step into Bengaluru or any other metropolitan in search of a job. And if you are lucky enough, you will land into your dream job. But most people get into jobs that they are over-qualified for or jobs that are not even related to their stream.

You will see an MBA grad working for a BPO and even an engineer driving a taxi because they don’t find suitable jobs. While we can’t go and change the scenario that exists, a small thought by startups, entrepreneurs and few MNCs can surely make a difference. This can stop Bengaluru from population explosion and let people live peaceful lives in their home town and cities.


So here are few things that can be done to avoid metropolitan cities from getting densely populated, and also help our future generations.

1. Startups should be started at small towns and cities

If you are planning to launch a startup that would work for clients abroad or if your office work only happens in a cubicle with no clients visiting your place, then try starting your company in a small town than a metropolitan city. This wil surely give others a lot of employment opportunities.

2. MNCs should not stick only to metropolitan cities

MNCs should start opening their offices in small towns, especially IT companies which play a significant role in our county’s economic growth, and provide many employment opportunities. A background check of employees who are already working at MNCs would give the statistics of people belonging to small towns. Companies like Infosys have already set an example by starting a training centre in a city like Mysuru. If a lot more companies made this possible by getting into non-metropolitan cities all over India, it would lead to more peaceful lives for many more people.

3. BPOs should give it a thought

It’s high time that BPOs are established in small towns and cities. BPOs look for good communication skills and there are lot of people from small towns who are qualified enough to work there. And since everything happens through a phone or a system, there will be no issues and the place of work won’t really make a difference.


  • You don’t have to pay your employees as much as you pay them in metropolitan cities because the cost of living will be less and they will also be happier living in their home towns.
  • Everybody will live a stress-free, healthy and peaceful life. And it will also help infrastructure development at your workplace
  • From office rent to labour, everything will cost you less and in a way, will increase your profits.


  • Skilled labour is a problem in small towns. So many people who work in metropolitan cities are from small towns. Just get in touch with people and you will realise a lot of skilled people are working at different places, leaving their hometowns.
  • A metropolitan startup has higher possibilities of success. This is not true. In most cases, your idea and hard work is what that makes your startup successful, and not its location.

When startups, MNCs, etc. start moving to small towns, many other business vendors, from your chaiwala to vegetable seller, rickshaw wala to taxi driver, grocery stores to super markets, will start moving to small towns.

In practice, this change can’t happen overnight, but at least a thought from entrepreneurs and startups will surely make a large difference. Not every startup or company can work in small towns, but the ones that can be more profitable and employment-friendly can surely be started.