Here’s Why You Should Have Your Dog Registered As Soon As Possible

Posted by Amit Nandy in Animal Rights
March 18, 2017

If you are a dog owner in India, you should guarantee the safety of your dog by any means possible. Having your dog registered with a kennel is one of the first things that should be done.

If you are someone who didn’t receive the appropriate registration papers and micro-chip while buying a dog, this article will certainly aid you.

Here are three major reasons why you should have your dog registered:

1. Participation in dog shows: Most authoritative dog shows in India require a registered dog to participate. An unregistered dog with no papers or history of birth or pedigree won’t be signed up in the first place.

2. Government rules: Many of us want to breed dogs. At times, this is for earning money. However, most of us want puppies, because they often provide much-needed companionship, besides also lessening our grief.

However, according to the latest government draft rules, breeding of unregistered dogs is prohibited. So, having your dog registered before the mating period becomes all the more important.

3. Information recovery: If you ever lose your dog, the required information about the dog’s owner can be recovered by scanning the micro-chip. This increases your chances of finding the lost dog.

In order to get your dogs registered with the Kennel Club of India (KCI), firstly, you need to access the form. Then you make the required demand draft and send the form via speed post.

For dog breeders, the dog needs to be registered with the animal welfare board. The form can be accessed here.

Once your dog is registered, you will get receive papers in the name of the owner and the micro-chip from KCI. The chip can be implanted on the dog at the nearest veterinary center.

Within a month, you get a letter from KCI which will contain your dog pedigree, name and micro-chip details. Unregistered dogs whose pedigree information is not available can be registered as well.

Even though my first dog was of a very good pedigree, I didn’t get the required papers. I had to register my dog as one of an unknown pedigree. However, this does not cause a dent, legally speaking.

Also, if you have a dog in a complex where other apartment owners consider you and your dog to be a nuisance, having your dog registered acts as an additional support. I have met many pet owners who were driven away from their residences because of the dogs they had.

So get your pooches registered as fast as possible!